How the “New Normal” Can Help Upgrade Your Content Strategy

By Anoma van Eeden

How the “New Normal” Can Help Upgrade Your Content Strategy

The messages currently flooding your inbox all have a similar theme: COVID-19 is changing everything, and this is how we are responding. Whether it’s your bank, yoga studio, or children’s school, there’s no escaping the persistent drumbeat of forced adaptation, in life and at work.

COVID-19 has changed how we work in the blink of an eye, and this is the new normal.

Amid the disruption, a need to rethink how we stay connected with our audiences has emerged. Because while most normal routines have halted, your audience’s desire to engage with digital content is greater than ever.

That's why it’s crucial to engage your audience now in a thoughtful and supportive manner and with a unique voice that helps you stand out. Despite the current uncertainty — or perhaps on account of it — a great opportunity exists to up your game and stand out from the crowd through innovative communication. 

This post explores ideas about connecting with your audience and presents some helpful, dynamic ways of creating digital experiences. If done well, you’ll make your prospects and customers feel more connected than ever while generating better results for your business at the same time.


In the new normal, standing out is key

With most people stuck at home, good content is now the key driver of engagement. The ability to rise above the pack with a unique and personalized digital experience will be a distinct advantage, both today and in the future.

But this is easier said than done. You’re competing with more online distraction than ever. Distinguishing yourself from the competition hinges on your ability to appeal to today’s business buyers and to adapt to their preferences in an interesting way. 

It’s time to think about content experience

Content experience has become an increasingly popular concept. It’s the idea that effective content is about more than the message itself. The aesthetics are important. The medium is important. And it’s crucial to consider how the whole experience makes the reader feel

In an ocean of content, the experience you provide can be your differentiating factor. It’s what separates compelling content from the rest.

One benefit of any disruption is that it often leads to innovation. And at a time like this, innovative content is essential. The good news is that turning your new and existing content into engaging experiences doesn’t have to be difficult. 

A content experience can be defined as a digital expression of your brand’s message that's engaging, snackable, highly visual, and personalized for today's digital consumers through interactivity and cross-device operability.

But it’s also more than about individual assets. The larger content experience refers to an organization's repertoire of interactive material designed to draw buyers through the customer journey. Each piece provides intelligent audience insights that allow the business to orchestrate and optimize the ongoing customer experience as a whole.

Building your customer journey around personalized experiences that are in sync with how today’s buyers prefer to consume content is a surefire way to keep prospects engaged and pave the way towards faster purchase decisions.

And by utilizing a unique format that emphasizes visuals, interactivity, and bite-sized information, you can convey your company’s message in a way that modern, experience-hungry digital consumers will respond to.

Measuring engagement is more important than ever

Along with prioritizing experience, it’s imperative that during these times of increased content consumption, you get your measurement and tracking under control. It’s hard to believe, but more than 60% of marketers still struggle to measure the ROI of their content

Many companies spend a fortune on their CRM and martech stack, yet continue clinging to legacy formats like PDF that provide no engagement insight. What good is a high-tech, automated content delivery system if the content itself provides no insights?

Content experiences are far richer than traditional collateral, and that means your measurement should be too. With interactivity comes the need for additional intelligence. You’re not only interested in who downloaded a piece of content, but in how much they read, which videos they watched, which CTA’s they clicked on, and which ones they ignored. 

This data can offer key insights into which areas of your content are engaging customers, and which ones need to be improved. In today’s experience economy, this type of knowledge is essential for ramping up engagement, driving conversions, and achieving better results. 


Increase content velocity with the right platform

Cutting through the online noise and maintaining a digital connection with your audience means increasing content velocity. It’s not just grabbing someone’s attention; it’s holding it through compelling content that is created quickly.

Utilizing a unique platform with the right digital tools can help. Foleon promotes content democratization through templates, team collaboration, themes, and effective measurement, allowing all customer-facing teams to produce and personalize content.



It’s also about keeping demand flowing, not just with great content but with digital insights that make checking in with customers faster and more efficient. Foleon allows you to seamlessly connect marketing, sales, and customer success teams with audience insights that make follow-ups more timely and informed. 


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Now is the best time to get started

With so many people at home, the demand for quality content hasn’t slowed down — it’s become one of the staples of everyday life. Now, more than ever, your content must be engaging, intelligent, and produced at a fast pace. And what you produce must be immersive and tell a great story in order to gain traction.

By creatively engaging your audience and staying connected in interesting ways, you can emerge from a chaotic digital landscape and stand out as a unique brand with a powerful voice. 

If you’d like to find out more about how Foleon’s content creation platform can help you engage your audience and fuel your customer journey, visit our website where you can learn about the platform and see lots of examples from our customers.

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