Professionally designed and fully customizable

Spend less time designing and more time getting content out the door. Our templating system keeps you on-brand and unlocks efficiencies of scale.

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A broad selection of beautiful Doc templates

To get you started, we have an extensive library of expertly made templates for every use case, content type, and editorial layout you can think of — and we’re always adding more.

Everything is fully customizable to suit your brand. Simply swap out colors and images, or create and save your designs if you’re feeling adventurous.

Templatized pages, blocks, and overlays

In addition to full Foleon Doc templates, we also provide hundreds of page, block, and overlay templates that you can simply drag into your document.

Assemble content quickly with preset layouts, and style everything centrally with our theme and brand kit features. 

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Turn almost anything into a template

Everything you create or customize — from full Foleon Docs to individual blocks — can be saved as templates for reuse elsewhere.

Create standard cover pages, page footers, and anything else you want to reuse to save time and ensure consistency.

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Stay organized with the dedicated template manager

You can manage and keep things orderly with the dedicated template manager as your template library grows.

From there, trusted users can create, edit, and share global designs and layouts for the rest of your team to use.

Share templates across multiple teams

As your content needs grow, organizing teams into their own workspaces, each with their own projects, themes, and templates becomes helpful.

Administrators and approved designers can share templates beyond the borders of their workspaces for other teams to use. 

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A powerful and flexible templating system

Use and edit our premade templates or create and save your own.

Plenty of templates

An extensive library of Doc, page, block, and overlay templates to help you get content out the door quickly while keeping everything top-notch.

Reuse every design

Save and manage everything you create as a template to help you scale up, work faster, and keep all your content consistent.

Manage and share

Use the powerful template manager to keep everything organized, up-to-date, and on-brand across your various projects and teams.

“We were really excited to see higher engagement metrics and how Foleon accelerated our design process. We're now able to produce content 4 times faster than before.”
Victor Küppers
Victor Küppers
VP of Marketing
“Foleon empowers us to create professional-looking content assets that are engaging (as proven by the built-in analytics engine) and easy to view on mobile. I’m having lots of fun with the platform.”
Lindsay Charman
Lindsay Charman
Client Satisfaction Manager
“I would describe interactive content experiences, with Foleon as a prime example, as the future of content marketing. It has really changed the game in terms of how we create, deliver, and measure content.”
Dan Martin
Dan Martin
VP of Brand Marketing

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