Content excellence
is a journey

Every company needs to communicate. That's why excellent content is vital in driving business success. But excellence can mean different things depending on your company's size and reach. Below, you can compare your own level of content maturity against some common phases.

Where are you on your journey toward content excellence?

The content explorers

Your company is still discovering how valuable content can be. You’re on the right track but there’s still a whole wide world to discover.

Parts of your company understand that content is important, but your budget holders see it as a cost. You know inaction is more costly but convincing others is hard.

Signs that your company is in the explorer stage:

  • Content creation is limited by capacity
  • The impact of your content is hard to show
  • Creation is mostly ad-hoc and reactionary
  • Your content looks similar to everyone else’s
  • You’re still using legacy formats like PDF
  • Too many valuable content pieces are not getting made

The content innovators

Your company is an interactive content front-runner. You create successful content for key projects, faster and easier than before.

You’ve moved away from legacy formats to modern content that’s responsive, measurable, and engages your readers. Your projects are on time, on point, and on budget. Others in your company are jealous.

Signs that your company is in the innovator stage:

  • Your content looks and feels awesome
  • It gets done on budget and on time
  • Your content is better than your competitors
  • You’ve moved away from legacy stuff like PDF
  • The business impact is clear and compelling
  • Your content is modern, responsive, and measurable

The content industrialists

Your company is an interactive content power house. You’re scaling up successful content with streamlined processes and multiple stakeholders.

You’re able to produce content that’s demonstrably effective, and do it at scale. You’ve set up killer processes, eliminated bottlenecks, and every team is benefiting from having the content they need.

Signs that your company is in the industrial stage:

  • You’re scaling your content game
  • Your whole organization is excited about it
  • Your content consistently drives results
  • Your processes are smoother and more predictable
  • Marketing spend is lower, customer engagement is higher, and employees are more productive

The content tycoons

You’re a content-driven success story. Your content drives bottom-line results that touch every aspect of your organization.

You’ve branched to multiple teams. You govern your brand centrally and empower other departments and branches to create what they need within the guidelines you set. Your customers know and love your brand because of your great content.

Signs that your company is in the tycoon stage:

  • Your audience knows and loves your brand
  • Your employees are empowered
  • Sales and customer success are thriving
  • You never say no to a good content idea again
  • You're reaching, engaging and influencing every relevant audience

Are you where you want to be?

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