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Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time. That's why our experts offer services to turn your average run-of-the-mill content asset into a resounding success. Kickstart your content strategy today with the help of our experts.

Companies that use Professional Services…


Achieve 40% faster content creation


Launch their 1st Foleon Doc within 2 weeks


Get a head start with branded templates


Learn to stay seamlessly on-brand


Adopt Foleon quicker across their teams


Expand Foleon usage easily to new projects


01 Foleon template design

Get set up for success, but let us do the heavy lifting. We’ll arm you with beautifully branded templates that align with your brand identity. You and your team can effortlessly create countless Foleon Docs in no time.


02 Design expertise

You’re busy working away on a project, focusing on the content. Since there isn’t always time for innovation, sometimes the design can fall through the cracks. That’s okay; our designers are here to help you create a truly dazzling Foleon Doc. Get in touch.
For Scale + Content Studio, Team, and Enterprise customers.


03 Professional training

We’ve got the knowledge, and we’re happy to share it. Whether it’s a consultation call, advanced design training, or more specific topics, such as how to create an accessible Foleon Doc, we’ve got you covered.
For Scale + Content Studio, Team, and Enterprise customers.


04 Expert opinion

You finished your Foleon Doc, hurray! You’ve included all your content and are almost ready to go live. But do your links work? How about the design? Is it consistent throughout? Need another set of eyes? We got you. Book a Foleon doc design review.
For Scale + Content Studio, Team, and Enterprise customers.


05 Project management

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we’ll happily guide your project and those involved from start to finish. We can streamline the workflow between our designers and your team to align all stakeholders for success. On top of all that, we offer dedicated project support. 
For Scale + Content Studio, Team, and Enterprise customers.

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Get a bespoke 1:1 review with us and receive valuable feedback in just a 45-minute session.

“We’ve been with Foleon for just over a year now and have found them very easy to work with. They recognised our need for a swift and seamless implementation during the lockdown period and both their Professional Services and Customer Success teams have been first class in enabling us to maximize the benefits of the product.”
Tom Smith
Publications & Projects Manager
"We created several Foleon Docs that got our messages across in a very appealing way. Support from the Foleon team was competent, fast, and always friendly! Any time we hit a bump in the road, the team was there to fix everything."
Martin Michel
Communications Manager
“The Foleon team has been outstanding in helping us create templates that work for all our content. They gave us the keys to unlock the potential of the platform and now everyone, not only designers, are able to create their content quickly and effortlessly!”
Sara Zaccaria
Global Project & Event Manager

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What training does the Professional Services team offer?
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