Foleon for customer success

Build better customer relationships and expand existing business

Lower your time to value by helping customers successfully adopt and implement your solutions with interactive content experiences they’ll love. 

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Customer success
Avison Young
Customer success professionals

Produce media-rich content experiences designed for maximum impact

Foleon content experiences give modern content consumers exactly what they want — they're visually immersive, interactive, mobile-friendly, and engaging.

Increase customer satisfaction by making your content relevant and personalized

Gather and leverage customer insights to personalize your content and deliver the most relevant and helpful experiences to the right segments. 

Customer success engagement

Integrates with the best platforms

Integrate Foleon with your existing systems and connect to your CRM, marketing automation platform, or use Zapier to instantly integrate with 2,000+ other apps.

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Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager

Identify expansion opportunities based on customer interests and intent

With intelligent content experiences, you can discover what individual customers are interested in by what they’re reading and what they’re clicking on.

Quickly expand your repertoire of customer content

Our drag and drop editor and templating engine empowers customer-facing teams to quickly create high-quality interactive content and always stay on-brand.

Content experiences for today’s digital natives

Cross-device and responsive

Foleon content experiences are responsive by default and look great on every device.

Interactive and engaging

Create immersive content with rich animations, parallax effects, background videos, and interactive elements.

Linear and storylike

Control your narrative and foster information retention by presenting your content in a sequential fashion.

Individual personalization

Pull in data from your CRM and provide each reader with a customized, personalized experience.

Intelligent, providing insights

Unlike PDF and other legacy formats, Foleon experiences provide detailed engagement insights.

Integrated with Martech stack

Foleon integrates seamlessly with your CRM, marketing automation tools, and more.

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See, point by point, how web-based Foleon Docs stack up against PDFs.

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“Now that we’re using Foleon, our audience has a more enjoyable user experience in digesting our content. The readability and interactive nature of the content we create with Foleon is a game-changer.”
Jun Song
Jun Song
Content Marketing Lead

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