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Foleon is a content creation platform that makes it easy for anyone to create interactive content that is 100% on brand. We provide B2B companies with an intuitive drag & drop editor and interactive Foleon Doc format that empowers them to create bespoke digital content experiences that are engaging, intelligent, and scalable.

“There must be a better way.”

Are there any founders who haven’t uttered those words before something groundbreaking was born?

Ours certainly did — back in 2008 when there really wasn’t a scalable way for companies to quickly create interactive content. Getting a new eBook, white paper, proposal, or brochure out the door was a tedious process that spanned weeks or more — and the final product was, well, a static PDF. Not exactly inspirational.

So our co-founders Daan and Joost put their heads together to figure out a better way, and in 2013 something really exciting emerged.

The Foleon Content Creation Platform offers an easy, intuitive drag & drop editor that empowers anyone to create content — whether they’re a designer or not. And the output? Foleon Docs. Attractive, creative, captivating online documents that are anything but boring.

Foleon Docs are fully interactive, automatically responsive, and 100% on brand. They integrate seamlessly with your martech stack so you can optimize your customer journey based on powerful insights.

Today, Foleon empowers over 1,400 brands around the world to create the content their audience craves.

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Company values

Our values are what make us unique, drive our company culture, and govern everything we do.

Happy people

Foleon is more than a company; we’re a diverse collection of individuals with unique personalities, all deserving of respect and recognition. We strive to maintain an environment where you can be yourself, build friendships, and enjoy your work. We believe that customer satisfaction starts with happy employees.

Unstoppable team

There are no lone wolves at Foleon. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to collaborate, share expertise, and draw on one another’s strengths. The synergy generated as we put our heads together, listen to one another, and each contribute our best makes our team positively unstoppable.

Growth mindset

At Foleon, we’re all about pushing boundaries and unlocking potential — both for ourselves and our customers. We see challenges as solutions waiting to be uncovered and obstacles as opportunities to learn. Part of the Foleon adventure is the ongoing opportunity we each have to grow both personally and professionally.

Extreme ownership

At Foleon, we’re all about recognizing opportunities, taking ownership, and being proactive — even when that means transcending boundaries and job roles. It’s this freedom of initiative and intrinsic motivation that drives the continuous improvement of our platform and facilitates the success of our customers.

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