Foleon for Healthcare Institutions

Better content that fosters better connections

Modernize all your communications and build better relationships with patients, practitioners, donors, employees, and entire communities. 

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Perfect for the diverse communication needs unique to the healthcare industry

Foleon lets you create a huge variety of visually engaging, interactive content that’s accessible and looks great on any device — and lets you do so at scale, without the need for a design agency.

Cater to your community’s evolving digital needs

Quickly create accessible and convenient digital content that connects people to valuable information and resources. Promote public health initiatives, maintain positive relationships with the community, and gather vital feedback to improve both your content and your services.

Customers are creating:
  • Health education one-pagers
  • Community newsletters
  • Resource hubs
  • Microsites with polls and surveys
  • Promotional brochures


Well-informed, engaged, and aligned

Easily produce engaging content that helps keep employees motivated, satisfied, and aligned with your organization’s goals. Create awareness about benefits and support resources, distribute interactive training and safety manuals, and show employee appreciation and recognition through internal newsletters.

Customers are creating:
  • Employee handbooks
  • Staff magazines
  • Internal newsletters
  • Resource hubs
  • Training guides


Ensure growth and sustainability

Breathe new life into your proposals, pitch decks, newsletters, and other fundraising content. Foleon provides a cost-effective way to showcase your institution and its causes in a fresh and impactful manner, driving donor engagement while also providing measurement insights that enable you to continuously refine your strategy. 

Customers are creating:
  • Proposals
  • Pitch decks
  • ESG Reports
  • Personalized newsletters
  • Donor microsites


Digital is what your readers want

Shifting away from print and PDF, and embracing a web-based approach to content creation enables you to determine audience reach, engagement, and content ROI. And it creates a better reader experience.

Responsive & accessible
Measurable & connected

Manage all your content in-house

Foleon helps you eliminate bottlenecks, slash content production costs, reduce time to market, and waive your dependence on expensive agencies.

Skip the learning curve
Scale and efficiency
Cut down on rework

All your content, streamlined and secure

Our intuitive content editor, coupled with a large selection of professionally designed templates, helps you and your teams create, review, and publish digital content at a rapid pace.

Always on-brand
Internal & external
Powerful collaboration

"As a B2B company, content creation is at the heart of our marketing efforts. The ability to interact with our audience and find out how they’re engaging with our content is essential and is exactly what Foleon allows us to do.”

— ­­­­Jessie Gelzer, Curative Director of Brand Marketing


increase in readership

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Why leading healthcare institutions choose Foleon

From community engagement to fundraising, Foleon turns your content into a competitive advantage.

Designed for a mobile-first world

Don’t make your readers pinch and pan. Foleon content is perfectly responsive by default.

Centralized brand governance

Foleon centralizes your brand styles so can ensure everything everyone creates is on-brand.

Accessibility matters

Foleon content is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant.

An intuitive drag & drop editor

Shed your dependence on designers and create content fast with your own branded templates.

Update info even after distribution

Keep your admissions guides and course catalogs up-to-date without the need to reprint.

Perfect for private & public content

Create both SEO-optimized content as well as highly secure documents all with one tool.

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