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The format your content deserves

Turn tedious long-form content into engaging, digestible stories and fully immerse your audience in an interactive, media-rich experience.

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A better-guided experience

Intuitive navigation takes your reader on an enticing journey by controlling the pace of your narrative — keeping them more engaged, for longer.

2.3 No code

No-code, web-based format

Enjoy all the benefits of a web-based format — tracking, gating, retargeting, SEO-friendly — without the hassle of coding.

Make outdated content a thing of the past

Easily make changes even after distribution so you can finally stop worrying about version control and outdated content floating around.

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Learn how we can help you to:

  • Increase audience engagement with interactive content
  • Understand performance and optimize even after distribution
  • Identify buying intent to prioritize and personalize follow-up
  • Use flexible gating, putting leadgen forms on any page
  • Create better content, faster — across teams, and 100% on brand


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“I would describe interactive content experiences, with Foleon as a prime example, as the future of content marketing. It has really changed the game in terms of how we create, deliver, and measure content.”
Dan Martin
Dan Martin
VP of Brand Marketing
“Now that we’re using Foleon, our audience has a more enjoyable user experience in digesting our content. The readability and interactive nature of the content we create with Foleon is a game-changer.”
Jun Song
Jun Song
Content Marketing Lead
“PDFs could not give us any data on content usage or engagement after it had been downloaded. With Foleon, we can see what topics our audience engages with, which allows us to tailor the content to our audience’s needs.”
Victor Küppers
Victor Küppers
VP of Marketing
Interactive content creation editor

The editor

Learn about the Foleon editor, where all the magic happens.

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Interactive content insights and analytics

The insights

Foleon empowers you to optimize content based on your audience’s behavior.

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Integrate foleon to your martech ecosystem

The ecosystem

Foleon fits right into your existing marketing tech stack.

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