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Boost brand awareness, recognition, and affinity. Foleon helps you tell brand stories in a way that stands out and fosters customer loyalty.

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Here's how Foleon helps your brand marketing

Brand marketing is all about content, so make yours exceptional!

Standing out is critical

Attention-grabbing, unique, interactive content is essential to engaging your audiences in highly competitive markets. Foleon’s content platform empowers you to quickly produce all kinds of immersive brand experiences without fancy design or development skills.


Give your audience a voice

Creating brand engagement is about building two-way connections with your audience. Foleon makes this easy with the ability to add chat widgets, feedback forms, and flexible lead-generating content gates inside your documents.


Brand building is vital

It can be difficult to quantify brand-building activities when they don’t tie directly to business revenue. But Foleon tracks every interaction and syncs with your CRM, so when a deal closes, you can point to precisely what content influenced them along the way.


Balance freedom and control

Foleon’s collaboration tools, brand kits, and governance features allow for multiple creators — and even multiple teams — to create content independently while never straying from established brand guidelines. Empower more creators while staying true to your brand.

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Our intuitive editor lets you create and publish fast

If you can drag and drop, you can create stunning interactive content in no time. Choose, customize, and reuse templates. Apply your brand styles with a click, and then hit publish! Foleon is a cost-effective way to scale up your content production like never before.


Integrate all your favorite tools and platforms

From engaging elements like videos, podcasts, and quizzes on the front end, to useful integrations like Unsplash, Bynder, and Zapier on the back end, Foleon lets you connect and combine interactive content from any platforms you’re already using.


Gather insights you can put to work

With Foleon’s built-in analytics and our GA4 integration, you can see how your content performs on a page-by-page basis making it easy to optimize on the fly. And once you connect your CRM, you can even see how specific users navigate through your content.

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Here’s why leading companies use Foleon for brand marketing

Dozens of content types

Create all kinds of sharable brand assets from brochures and reports to newsletters and microsites.

Foleon Docs are fully responsive

Foleon content is responsive by default looks great on any device. On the phone, you can simply swipe through.

Accessibility matters

Foleon content is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant.

Foleon Docs are SEO friendly

Search engines love Foleon content because it’s fast and provides a great user experience.

Lots of advanced integrations

Connect content to your CRM, marketing automation platforms, and thousands of other apps and services.

Update info even after distribution

Keep all your published content up-to-date without the need to redesign or reprint.

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