Connected content is mission critical

Foleon fits neatly into your existing tech stack allowing your content to generate data that can inform everything from RevOps to pipeline creation.

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Create a rich and integrated media experience

Start by connecting your existing media accounts, like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and other apps to add interactivity to your content while collecting engagement metrics at the same time. You can also access millions of free stock photos with our built-in Unsplash integration.

Feed engagement data into your existing tech stack

Your content is a critical data source, and Foleon lets you integrate the tech you already use. Include retargeting pixels in your Foleon Doc, or connect GA4, Hotjar, CrazyEgg, and countless other intelligence platforms. It’s as easy as copy-and-pasting a piece of code. 

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Connect your DAM for faster output and more oversight

As content takes an increasingly central role in your business, and as the pace of your output grows, maintain oversight and consistency with our native Bynder integration, ensuring users always have access to your most up-to-date assets. 

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Understand how customers move through your content

Our native integrations for popular CRMs and MAPs tie together your whole customer journey. Track individual Foleon Doc page views right alongside your website data, and see it all reflected in your CRM. Then, trigger automations in your MAP based on each user’s behavior. 

Expand your content’s capabilities with 3rd party tools

Add additional functionality to your Foleon Docs with third party apps. Include chatbots like Drift or smart forms like Typeform. Integrate ZoomInfo or other data enrichment services. Manage it all with Google Tag Manager or use Zapier to connect thousands of other apps with a few clicks.

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Custom solutions for more complex requirements

As the requirements of your content operation evolve and become more complex, we offer the ability to set up custom integrations with our secure and flexible API. We’ll help you create and maintain the connections you need.

Augment all your existing tech

Create and integrate content that's just as smart as the rest of your tech stack.
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Integrate your tech

Foleon integrates neatly with and supplements the martech tools you already use with next to no effort on your part.

Sync with your CRM

See how individual contacts in your CRM interact with your content and then trigger workflows or events based on their actions.

Add third-party tools

Expand your content’s functionality with chatbots, 3rd party forms, and thousands of other apps that connect to Zapier or Integrately.

“Using Foleon has improved our digital content production. We can now react quickly to communication needs and create engaging content. The analytics and reports that Foleon generates for each content asset also help us better understand our reach and readers’ needs.”
Ana Gaman
Ana Gaman
Graphic Design Officer
“Before Foleon, none of our content was really online, which meant it wasn’t very accessible to our target audience, and it wasn’t measurable. Keeping track of different versions and updates was also difficult and time-consuming. Foleon resolves this all for us.”
Annette Fernandes-Poyser
Annette Fernandes-Poyser
Executive Director
“Foleon makes our content feel modern. The most significant benefit of the platform is that we can now track audience engagement and can actually see that our content is being opened and how it’s read.”
Sydney Mendoza
Sydney Mendoza
Graphic Design Specialist

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