Complete brand and security governance

Foleon empowers everyone in your company to create impactful, on-brand content securely and with complete transparency.

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Manage your branded content from a central location

Set your brand’s style guide up front so that everything your team makes strictly conforms to your visual identity

As you expand your content operations and add additional workspaces, you can set different themes for different brands or departments.

Provide flexibility while staying in control

Role-based permission settings ensure users have access to the content and features they need. Designers, for example, can create and share templates, while authors can only edit textual content. 

With six preset user roles to choose from, you can tailor your workflow and decide who can read, edit, review, and publish.

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Organize your teams and content into workspaces

Whether it’s on the brand level, department level, or by business division, setting up workspaces provides the control needed to stay organized and on top of your content operation.

Each workspace can have its own users, templates, media library, and unique visual identity allowing business units to create and share content without getting in each other’s way. 

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Show it off, or lock it down

Search engines love Foleon Docs because they’re fast and provide a great reader experience. But Foleon is secure enough for sensitive internal content too. 

Keep content private with passwords, IP allowlists, OTPs, and/or SSO (SCIM 2.0). You can even gate your Foleon Docs with lead generation forms.

Enterprise-level security you can trust

Foleon is ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR compliant, with all our data servers located in the European Union. We use state-of-the-art encryption to keep your and your readers’ data secure and private. We also provide every account with free SSL certificates.
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Perfectly balance flexibility and control

Give your team the freedom they need while staying on top of your security and brand.

Centralized styling

Keep all your content on brand and styled correctly, no matter who makes it, with our centralized Brand Kit and theme controls.

Enterprise security

Keep your your account, data, and content secure with passwords, IP allowlisting, OTPs, SSO, and enterprise encryption.

Stay organized

Organize brands or business units into workspaces with their own users and projects to keep all your content operations organized.

“Foleon is an excellent extension of our marketing toolkit. It takes the pressure off engineering and design by empowering our marketing team to create the content we need.”
Jessica Gelzer
Jessica Gelzer
Director of Brand Marketing
“We chose Foleon because of the value and versatility of the platform. The fact that you can use it in so many different ways, from an interactive brochure to a newsletter or a microsite, appealed to us. The platform is ready to go and easy to implement.”
Ana Gaman
Ana Gaman
Graphic Design Officer
“Foleon lets us create high-quality content with a superior online, web-like experience for our audience.”
Darcy Gifford
Darcy Gifford
Executive Director, Integrated Content

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