Foleon for Financial Institutions

Enhance user experience, build trust, and expand your reach

Foleon provides a scalable way for non-designers to create personalized, cross-device content that’s engaging, meets regulatory requirements, and is easily kept up to date.

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Foleon for financial services

Your complete solution for the unique content challenges faced by financial institutions

With Foleon, financial institutions can rapidly transform their digital content into engaging, interactive experiences that provide 360-degree audience insights.

Engaging, secure, and interactive

Transform text-heavy documents into engaging, interactive content, making complex information easily digestible and visually appealing. Our secure platform ensures controlled content sharing, ideal for presenting sustainability initiatives or crucial financial data. Elevate your corporate communications effectively with Foleon.

Customers are creating:
  • Annual reports
  • ESG reports
  • Impact reports
  • Staff magazines
  • Newsletters


Showcase your expertise and innovation

Turn your thought leadership content into captivating, interactive experiences and gain valuable insights into what resonates with your audience. Whether it's demonstrating your company's leadership or differentiating from competitors, Foleon helps you inspire confidence and engage effectively.

Customers are creating:
  • Reports
  • Magazines
  • White papers
  • Research


Impactful, engaging customer marketing

Develop and nurture customer relationships with engaging, interactive educational and promotional materials that incorporate animations and videos for a more compelling experience. Overcome the challenge of reader engagement with our advanced analytics. Foleon helps you stand out in a competitive market.

Customers are creating:
  • Guides
  • Handbooks
  • Portfolios
  • Prospectus


Enhance your customer experience

In the dynamic world of finance, standing out matters. With Foleon, you can transform your content into engaging, interactive experiences.


Strengthen trust and build brand loyalty

In the financial sector, trust isn't just a bonus; it's a necessity. With Foleon, financial institutions can elevate their brand presence and foster lasting loyalty.

Secure and compliant
Accurate and up-to-date
Consistent branding

Engage new customer segments

Breaking barriers in the financial landscape means reaching untapped customer segments. With Foleon, you can seamlessly connect with new demographics and markets.

Compelling format
Gain new insights
Fully integrated
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“We chose Foleon because of the value and versatility of the platform. The fact that we can empower multiple types of users to create Foleon content is a real game-changer. The analytics and reports that Foleon generates for each content asset also help us better understand our reach and readers’ needs.”

— Ana Gaman, Graphic Design Officer, European Investment Fund


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Why leading financial institutions choose Foleon for their content

From corporate comms to customer marketing, Foleon turns your content into a competitve advantage.

Perfect for private & public content

Create both SEO-optimized content as well as highly secure documents all with one tool.

Solid brand governance

Foleon centralizes your brand styles so can ensure everything everyone creates is on-brand.

Accessibility matters

Foleon content is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant.

An intuitive drag & drop editor

Shed your dependence on designers and create content fast with your own branded templates.

Update info even after distribution

Keep your distributed content up-to-date without the hassle of recreating or reprinting.

Lots of advanced integrations

Connect content to your CRM, marketing automation platforms, and thousands of other apps and services.

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