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We need trees, and trees need us!🌳🌴🌲

Due to deforestation, forest areas worldwide are decreasing in size, negatively affecting ecosystems, the climate, and biodiversity. 

We're committed to doing our part in protecting forests by partnering with One Tree Planted. We plant five new trees for each new customer and additional five trees for each calendar year they stay with us.

Trees 1
Trees 2

We donate to OneTreePlanted at the beginning of the year and the start of each quarter. 

Tree species and planting locations vary depending on where new trees are most needed. We’ve supported forest fire recovery in British Columbia, the creation of a habitat for monarch butterflies in Mexico, restoring India's diverse landscapes, and Longleaf Pine restoration in North America.

So far, we’ve planted 16,765 trees! 💚



Here at Foleon, we feel strongly about environmental and societal issues.

Our 2022 eNPS showed the company-wide enthusiasm toward volunteering, so we gathered a task force of dedicated Foleonies to own this initiative across our offices in Amsterdam and New York. 

Solution: We offer all Foleonies 1 day/year to use for volunteering on a project chosen by the company. Projects are chosen for individual or group sign-ups around sustainability, food waste, and social causes.

A group of Foleonies recently attended the Boskalis beach cleanup. 🌊

Pride is not a week or a month. Pride is a mindset. 🌈

Working with Pride, sponsored by Foleon and hosted by our Content Operations Specialist Jerry Virta, is a conversational podcast series that explores LGBTQIA+ topics in the workplace. 

We invite guests to share their experiences and advice around topics including diversity & inclusion, being queer at work, and what good allyship can look like.

Check out the podcast

Guests include people from the LGBTQIA+ community, allies, and companies that work in the field of LGBTQIA+ rights.

Working with Pride spreads Pride and keeps the conversation going all year round. Listen to the podcast here! 

For more powerful content around Pride, have a look at A Year-Round Rainbow Doc.

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