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Turn up the creativity without all the hassle

Foleon’s Content Studio pairs our flexible templates with your creative ambition, giving your teams the freedom to create truly unique content hassle-free.

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Combine ready-made components with custom layouts

Want to color outside the lines of our predefined templates? Hit the toggle and switch over to the Content Studio. 

Create designs from scratch, or use our premade templates as inspiration and perfect them according to your specific requirements. In the Content Studio, everything is customizable.

Creative freedom meets brand governance

With our dedicated user roles, approved designers and admins can use the Content Studio to create, edit, and share branded templates. 

Others in your organization can then use these templates in the Content Builder, and produce what they need at a rapid pace without worrying about the design.

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Stay consistent with our powerful Brand Kit and theme manager

The Brand Kit feature lets you manage all your brand styles from a central location and apply them to all your Foleon Docs. 

In addition, users with the correct privileges can use the theme manager to adjust style settings on a Doc-by-Doc basis, overriding global styles for custom needs.

Copy, save, and reuse everything you create

Created a page or block that you’re particularly proud of? Save it as a page or block template. You can even copy entire blocks to your clipboard and paste them onto other pages.

As your content operation grows, you can create preset elements for specific workspaces or share them company-wide.


Yep, there’s a premade element for that too

From text headings to videos. From buttons to interactive data elements. From forms to embeds. We have all the premade elements you might need — and they’re all fully customizable.

With our native CRM integrations, you can even include third-party forms to ensure contact and cookie data sync perfectly without extra steps.

Add additional layers of interactivity

The Content Studio allows you to adjust and customize your content animations, add hotspots, create parallax effects, and edit your navigation styles for a truly unique experience.


Creative freedom, powerful governance.

Quickly create interactive content that's truly unique to your business.

Customize it all

Use our extensive library of templates, but color outside the lines as much as you want. Create and share the custom designs you need.

Branded templates

Use our extensive library of Doc, page, and block templates — or design your own branded elements to share across the organization.

Unique navigation

Set up the perfect navigation styles according to the type of content you’re creating and keep your readers engaged longer.

“We chose Foleon because it’s easy to use and allows for collaboration between multiple people and teams. Our local teams are now empowered to create content on their own within our brand guidelines.”
Alouette Alexander
Alouette Alexander
Global Director, Digital and Marketing Technology
“Foleon is an excellent extension of our marketing toolkit. It takes the pressure off engineering and design by empowering our marketing team to create the content we need.”
Jessica Gelzer
Jessica Gelzer
Director of Brand Marketing
“Foleon makes content creation easier and shortens our production time by around 4 times. We no longer have to rely on precious time from our internal design teams. Instead, our marketing team can now create exceptional content experiences themselves, even with little design expertise.”
Annette Fernandes-Poyser
Annette Fernandes-Poyser
Executive Director

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