Crafting Engaging Healthcare Brochures: Design Tips & Examples

By Anne Lauth

Healthcare brochure examples

Creating great brochures is tricky. It gets even trickier when you work in Healthcare. Conditions, treatments, pricing, or even healthy habits can be sensitive and complex topics. On top of that, you want to craft content that will stand out. That's why a healthcare brochure requires a delicate touch. 

You want to be informative but not overwhelming. You want to empower patients but avoid giving medical advice if you don't have the expertise. Let's face it: creating a brochure that resonates with patients or healthcare companies is hard.

To truly understand what makes a healthcare brochure sing, we've turned to the experts — our very own healthcare customers. We'll dissect (no pun intended) three healthcare brochures, highlighting 3 best practices that take them from good to great. 

Best practice 1: Convey trust in your healthcare brochure

In healthcare digital marketing, trust is everything. Patients are often dealing with sensitive topics and complex situations. Your healthcare brochure must bring reassurance, demonstrating empathy and understanding for their needs.

Celestica - Healthcare Brochure with Foleon

Speak to their heart

In Celestica HealthTech's brochure, the hero video showcases patients sharing special moments with their families, instantly creating an emotional connection with the reader. This sets the tone for a compassionate and supportive brand.

Choose your words wisely

The language you use in your healthcare brochure is critical. Celestica HealthTech emphasizes trust by positioning itself as a "trusted partner" right from the start. This builds a sense of reliability and comfort for potential customers.

Keep it clear

Clear, informative visuals are essential for building trust within your healthcare brochure. Celestica leverages infographics and engaging visuals to simplify complex topics, making the brochure easy to navigate and understand.

Show, don't just tell

Social proof goes a long way in establishing trust. Following Celestica's lead, consider including a video showcasing healthcare professionals using your technology in a surgery room. This visual confirmation demonstrates that others in the field trust and validate your solution. 

Seal the deal with certifications

For healthcare companies, industry certifications hold significant weight. Consider including prominent displays of ISO and FDA certifications within your brochure, just like Celestica does. These certifications offer a final layer of reassurance, letting potential customers know you meet the highest quality and safety standards.

By prioritizing trust-building elements throughout your healthcare brochure, you can create a more relatable and credible experience for your target audience. This establishes a strong foundation for fostering lasting relationships with potential customers.

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Best practice 2: Create an emotional connection with your reader

In healthcare, facts and figures are important, but they don't always resonate on a deeper level. To truly connect with your audience, your healthcare brochure needs to evoke emotions and inspire hope.

Brightview - Healthcare Brochure with Foleon

Show them the possibilities

In Brightview Senior Living's brochure, the very first line, "Everything You Need to Live Your Best Life. Plus exceptional service from our award-winning team!" evokes two emotions: it awakens a desire for a fulfilling life while establishing trust through the "award-winning" terms.

Double down on pictures

Pictures play a crucial role in forging emotional connections within your healthcare brochure. Brightview's brochure strategically showcases happy residents enjoying themselves. This allows potential residents to picture themselves in a similar light, fostering a sense of belonging and positive anticipation.

Use video testimonials

Videos add another dimension of emotional connection. Brightview includes a resident testimonial video, allowing viewers to connect with a real person sharing their positive experience. This personal touch fosters empathy and trust.

Address their concerns with empathy

Healthcare decisions are often fraught with worry. By anticipating and addressing potential concerns within your brochure, you can alleviate anxieties and provide reassurance. Brightview tackles common concerns surrounding senior living, such as food quality, community engagement, quality of life, and resident safety. This proactive approach demonstrates empathy and builds trust with potential residents and their families.

By weaving emotional storytelling and reassurance throughout your healthcare brochure, you can create a powerful connection with your audience, ultimately motivating them to take action.

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Best practice 3: Make your healthcare brochure visually appealing

Let's face it: today's attention spans are shorter than ever. The same goes for healthcare brochures. They need to be visually captivating experiences that draw readers in and keep them engaged. Here's where design plays a starring role in your healthcare brochure.

Celestica - Healthcare Brochure

Keep it concise, keep it visual

People don't want to wade through dense paragraphs in a healthcare brochure. Focus on clear, concise messaging that's easy to understand. Let captivating visuals do the heavy lifting. 

Use videos to grab their attention

For example, the hero video in Celestica's brochure instantly grabs attention and sparks curiosity about the solution.

Apply visual storytelling

Celestica's brochure uses a consistent visual style with clear infographics that support the storyline. This creates a more engaging content experience for the reader.

By prioritizing visual storytelling and clear communication, your healthcare brochure can become a dynamic tool that informs, engages, and generates more leads.

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Remember, the key lies in understanding your audience and creating a healthcare brochure that resonates with their needs.

Here are the key takeaways from this post:

  • Build trust: Establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy source of information through clear communication and industry certifications.
  • Forge emotional connections: Use visuals and storytelling to evoke positive emotions and inspire hope in your readers.
  • Create visually appealing brochures: Prioritize captivating visuals that simplify complex topics and guide your readers through the brochure.

By following these best practices and drawing inspiration from the examples we've explored, you can transform your healthcare brochures into dynamic tools that inform, engage, and convert your audience.

Anne Lauth

Anne is the Customer Content Marketer at Foleon. She loves chatting with customers and discovering the secrets behind their content. Anne's extensive experience in content creation fuels her genuine passion for all things content-related.

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