5 Foleon Docs That Stole Our Hearts

By Anne Lauth

5 creative foleon docs examples

In the matrix of the digital world, content flashes and fades with the click of a cursor. But some pieces manage to captivate our hearts. 

We're always amazed by the creative content our customers create using Foleon. Each piece is unique and inspiring, making choosing just 5 to showcase incredibly difficult. But we've done the hard work just for you. Discover these five Foleon Docs that stole the show — they're guaranteed to spark your creative flame.

From creative storytelling to innovative visuals, these gems prove that the magic of content lies not just in the text but in the depth of the connection it evokes. These examples remind us that even in a fleeting digital landscape, some content still has the power to leave a lasting impression.


Leeds University Prospectus: a masterclass in engaging content

Leeds' 2024 Undergraduate Prospectus is an invitation to embark on a journey that unfolds within the walls of their campus and beyond. This interactive prospectus is an extensive guide that answers future students' questions. But what makes it such a standout piece of content? Let's flip through the pages and see why it stole our hearts:

Genuine emotions

Forget stock photos and generic text; you'll only find genuine student faces in this Doc. The pictures are windows into a dynamic, diverse community where prospective students can project themselves. People connect with people, so showcasing their students' real faces and stories builds an emotional connection.

Immersive storytelling

Gone are the days of dry, text-heavy descriptions. This prospectus uses interactive elements like videos and virtual tours to transport you onto campus, into classrooms, and even student residences. It's not just reading; it's experiencing and bringing the content to life.

Real conversations 

The writing speaks directly to future students, addressing their hopes and questions in a friendly and relatable way. It's not a monologue; it's a conversation that invites them to join the dialogue.

1 Leeds University Prospectus_ A Masterclass in Engaging Content

Social proof at its best

Actual student quotes offer authentic testimonials about their academic journeys and campus life. Letting their current students be their advocates builds social proof, which builds trust and credibility. 

A great content piece isn't just about information; it's about creating an emotional connection. The Leeds 2024 Undergraduate Prospectus does just that, making it a shining example of content that inspires and engages.


Thought leadership done the right way in Temenos’ report

Who said the financial industry's communications were dull? Temenos' "Six touchpoints to create emotional SME connections" report proves they're not.

Here's why it stole our hearts:

Using humor to get their message across

Temenos knows complex topics can be daunting, so they sprinkle humor throughout the report, making even the driest data digestible. Witty captions on stock photos turn them from generic to chuckle-worthy. It's a clever way to humanize the brand and make the reader feel at ease.

Real people, real stories

This report turns statistics into people's stories. They showcase actual business owners with names, faces, and stories that bring the content to life. It's like reading a captivating comic strip — the visuals seamlessly complement the text, guiding you through the narrative and making the insights relatable.

2. Temenos

Informative yet breezy

The report strikes a perfect balance between being informative and easy to read. The tone is professional yet approachable, using clear language that avoids jargon and technical terms. It's a breeze to navigate and understand, even for those less familiar with the financial industry.

Temenos' report is a shining example of how to blend humor, storytelling, and data into a winning formula. It's informative, visually appealing, and, most importantly, proves that finance can be fun and engaging without compromising depth.


When health tech meets humanity on Celestica's landing page

Celestica is a provider of product lifecycle solutions and a trusted partner in the healthcare industry. With over 15 years of experience supporting companies of all sizes, their healthcare technology landing page is an excellent Doc example in the world of medical communications. Here's what makes it stand out:

Showing humanity in healthcare

Medical topics can be dry; you know it, we know it. But Celestica's landing page breathes life into them. The welcome video sets the tone, adding a human touch and amplifying the message. They understand that multimedia should connect with the content, not just decorate.

Clarity over complexity

There are no dense text blocks here. The page is meticulously organized, guiding you instantly to its value proposition. Contrary to popular belief, infographics remain powerful allies. Celestica leverages them strategically, conveying complex information visually and engagingly. When understanding meets design, your message hits home right away.

3.  Celestica_s landing page

Tech-savvy yet trustworthy

From curated external content to the displayed ISO certification, every detail builds trust in Celestica's medical expertise. Branding seamlessly blends cutting-edge tech with a human touch, creating an innovative and approachable space.

This landing page showcases the power of combining thought leadership and sales material while keeping the healthcare audience in mind. It informs, connects, and builds trust while demonstrating Celestica's expertise with a human touch.


Branding magic through success stories at SheerID

SheerID, a leader in age verification solutions, knows the power of a good story. But their Success Stories Doc is more than just a collection of past achievements — it's an immersive journey through diverse brand worlds. Here's why it captured our attention:

Embracing brand personalities 

SheerID understands that a brand should serve the story. As you flip through the pages, the Doc transforms to match each featured customer — from the vibrant style of Asics to the playful energy of Headspace and the stylish black of Back Market. Each new page feels like entering a new world, keeping you engaged and surprised.


Success stories often feel anecdotal. SheerID takes it further, including clear KPIs for each case study. Numbers paint a tangible picture of impact.

Giving actionable pro tips

SheerID empowers readers to learn and grow. The document sprinkles in actionable pro tips, like social media strategies, that anyone can implement to achieve success. Leaving the readers with more than just success stories to read.

Seer_ID Foleon Doc

Sharing is caring 

Finally, they leverage their B2C clients by promoting their products within the document — and we love this sharing vibe.

SheerID's Success Stories prove that content can be captivating and informative without sacrificing brand identity. And add to that a genuine partnership feeling, and you’ve got yourself the perfect combination for success. 


Journey Beyond's Magazine, a 360º experience

Journey Beyond, renowned for its luxurious rail journeys and immersive experiences, knows how to ignite wanderlust. Their Beyond magazine is a sensory adventure transporting you across continents and into extraordinary stories. Here's what makes it stand out:

The feeling of a paper magazine — but better

Forget the limitations of screens. This magazine replicates the charm of a physical publication, from the tactile feel to the captivating design. But it goes beyond seamlessly integrating interactive elements like the video on the first page, making the experience even more immersive.

5. Beyond

Feast for all the senses

Beyond is a multi-sensory journey. Discover book recommendations captivating podcasts through the Eyes & Ears section, and stunning visuals and videos sweep you away to exotic destinations. Even your taste buds get a treat with recipe shares, and music and art round out the experience. All of your five senses also get to travel!

Tips, tricks, and travel tales

This magazine isn't just about inspiration; it's also about action. Whether you dream of solo adventures or unforgettable group experiences, Beyond offers practical guides and insider tips to turn your travel dreams into reality. Seasoned with personal stories and real-life experiences, it equips you with the knowledge and confidence to embark on your own journey.

The Beyond magazine is a gateway to adventure. It's learning, listening, playing, and discovering in a digital space that feels like a cozy armchair next to a crackling fireplace. So, pack your bags (virtually or literally), open this magazine, and let Beyond take you on a journey you'll never forget.



One thing is clear: great content transcends information, ignites emotions, and builds connections. The Foleon Docs we've highlighted showcase diverse approaches, from immersive storytelling to data-driven insights, but they all share a common thread: a commitment to engaging the reader. Whether through humor, interactive elements, or simply a well-told story, these content pieces leave a lasting impression, proving that creativity and empathy are powerful tools in today's content landscape.

Anne Lauth

Anne is the Customer Content Marketer at Foleon. She loves chatting with customers and discovering the secrets behind their content. Anne's extensive experience in content creation fuels her genuine passion for all things content-related.

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