How to Create Compelling Real-Estate Brochures: Design Ideas & Layouts

By Anne Lauth

How to Create Compelling Real-Estate Brochures: Design Ideas & Layouts

In real estate, first impressions are everything. A well-designed brochure can make the difference between a curious glance and a captivated buyer. But, creating a brochure that truly stands out can be overwhelming with so many formats and design choices available.

Today, we'll explain how you can create effective real-estate brochures by showcasing two fantastic examples from our customers who've mastered the art of lead generation with interactive content.

First up, we'll explore the sleek and modern brochure for Arbor, Rochedale Residences by AVJennings. This digital brochure promotes a stunning new residential development under construction. 

Next, we'll set sail with the prestigious Knight Frank. Their brochure, Waterfront View 2022: the Finest Waterfront Properties from Around the World, showcases a collection of luxury waterfront properties. This brochure exemplifies how powerful storytelling and targeted content can turn an easy brochure into a coveted collector's item (yes, just that).

By diving into these real estate brochure examples, we'll uncover best practices for design, content, and interactivity. So, grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and get ready to take your real estate brochures to the next level!

Focus on above-the-fold

The first fold of your real estate brochure, also known as the visible portion before viewers scroll down, is a battleground. It's where you capture attention, spark interest, and ultimately convince potential buyers. Just like AVJennings does with Arbor, kick things off with a captivating image that showcases the property in all its glory. Think about expansive living spaces bathed in sunlight or a serene view of the surrounding landscape. This sets the tone for the entire digital brochure and gives viewers a glimpse into the lifestyle that awaits them.

Example AV Jennings Real Estate Brochures

Make them dream through the headline

Pair that stunning visual with a tagline that speaks directly to the desires of your target audience. AVJennings uses "Feel life flourishing," a phrase that evokes a sense of growth, nature, and a thriving community. This resonates with potential buyers who yearn for a place to put down roots and experience life to its fullest. Use keywords that tap into their desires. For example, instead of "Luxury Apartments," consider "Live Your Urban Oasis" or "Experience Unmatched City Views." This emotional connection is key to drawing them in.

Choose each word with care

The language you use throughout your brochure should paint a vivid picture in the reader's mind. Just like AVJennings, with terms like "leafy suburb," "elegant community," and "superbly located," choose words that create a sense of belonging, luxury, and convenience. Let them imagine themselves strolling through the neighborhood, enjoying the views, and feeling truly at home. 

Showcase the dream, not just the walls

AV Jennings - Real Estate Brochure

People want to see where they'll live, not just read about it. Here, AVJennings excels by incorporating 3D visuals of the completed residences. These realistic images showcase sun-drenched spaces, lush greenery, and inviting inside spaces to relax. Remember, when selecting visuals, keep your ideal buyer in mind and choose images that represent their vision of a perfect home.

Go beyond stills

While high-quality photographs are essential, explore the power of 3D renderings, virtual tours, and even 360° panoramas. These immersive visuals allow viewers to explore the property at their own pace, getting a true sense of space, layout, and flow.

Put your properties under their best light

When selecting visuals, remember — you're selling a lifestyle. Stage the property to reflect your target buyer's aspirations. For a family-friendly home, showcase a cozy living room with toys and books. For a young professional, a modern kitchen that is perfect for entertaining.

Natural light is a major selling point. Use bright, airy visuals that showcase sun-drenched spaces. If necessary, supplement natural light with strategically placed lamps in staged shots.

Don't forget the neighborhood

While the property itself takes center stage, the surrounding area holds immense value. AVJennings cleverly uses interactive maps to showcase nearby commodities like shops, schools, and universities. This demonstrates a commitment to convenience and caters to buyers with specific needs, such as families.

Don't underestimate the power of interactive elements — they elevate the browsing experience and make your real-estate brochure truly stand out. A static map is okay, but to truly stand out, explore interactive features. Allow viewers to click on icons to reveal details about nearby amenities like restaurants, shops, schools, and parks. This caters to specific needs and showcases the convenience factor.

AV Jennings - Real Estate Brochure 2

Highlight what matters

Tailor the information based on your target audience. For families, highlight schools, parks, and family-friendly activities. For young professionals, showcase trendy restaurants, nightlife options, and proximity to public transportation. Don't just rely on generic icons. Incorporate high-quality photos of the surrounding area that capture its unique character. Is it a bustling downtown district or a quaint suburban neighborhood? Let the visuals tell the story.


Now that you've mastered the art of first impressions let's turn our gaze to the storytelling techniques employed in Knight Frank's Waterfront View 2022 brochure. 

Use videos to make your brochure immersive

Knight Frank takes a bold step by leading with a captivating video. The video features a sun-drenched porch overlooking a glistening expanse of water— a scene straight out of a dream. This immersive experience instantly takes viewers to the heart of the waterfront lifestyle and sets the tone for the entire brochure. Remember, videos have the power to create a strong emotional connection, so consider incorporating them to showcase your properties in a dynamic and engaging way.

Knight Frank Real Estate brochure example

Capture the essence in motion

Don't settle for static images. Feature the property's most alluring aspect in the video, letting it come alive. For beachfront living, showcase the vast ocean views with gentle waves lapping at the shore. For cozy cabins, highlight the crackling fireplace, casting a warm glow on a comfortable living space.

Focus on the feeling the property evokes

Remember, you're selling a dream, not just square footage. Is it the tranquility of a secluded waterfront retreat, the excitement of a bustling city penthouse, or the sense of community in a charming suburban neighborhood? Let the video capture the essence of your property's lifestyle and spark a desire in viewers to experience it for themselves.

Bonus point

To create a truly immersive content experience, consider incorporating sound effects like crashing waves or a crackling fire. For a vibrant city property, consider using music that sets the mood, whether tranquil ocean sounds or an upbeat soundtrack.

Design a unified theme

A cohesive design goes a long way in telling your story. Just like Knight Frank's brochure, ensure your design elements — copy, color palette, fonts, and imagery — all work together to evoke the essence of your property. Want to promote beachfront living? Use calming blues and whites peppered with vibrant ocean hues. Selling cozy lakefront cabins? Opt for earthy tones and rustic textures. You subconsciously transport your reader to the desired location by creating a thematic flow throughout your brochure.

Knight Frank - Real Estate Brochure 2

Create a visual storytelling 

The goal is to guide readers on a journey through your brochure. Knight Frank excels at this by crafting a seamless flow of visually stunning images, compelling copy, and strategic font choices. Notice how they use captivating phrases like "You Wish You Were Here" alongside breathtaking visuals. This strategic combination of elements creates a powerful narrative that keeps readers turning the page, eager to discover more.

Tip: Check out our digital brochure templates

Build trust with numbers

Let's face it: statistics are reassuring. Knight Frank understands this and strategically uses data points to address potential buyer concerns. Highlighting the positive aspects of waterfront property ownership, such as a higher offer acceptance rate, instills confidence and positions you as a knowledgeable authority. Don't shy away from incorporating relevant statistics to support your claims and showcase your expertise.

Knight Frank - Real Estate Brochure

Cater to skim readers

In today's world, people always skim before diving deep. Knight Frank caters to this by employing a clear and organized layout. Dividing properties into categories like "Riverside Properties" or "International Properties" allows readers to navigate to their areas of interest quickly. Remember, user experience is key. Structuring your brochure for easy navigation ensures a more engaging reading experience.

Layer the information

Knight Frank takes the concept of user experience a step further by utilizing interactive overlays. Additional details and images are revealed when a reader clicks on a specific property listing. This layered approach caters to those seeking in-depth information while maintaining a clean, uncluttered aesthetic for casual browsers.



The race for attention in real estate is won or lost in the first impression. This post should have equipped you with the tools to transform your real-estate brochures into great pieces that fuel the desire to own a piece of your property paradise.

Remember: hook viewers with a stunning image and a headline that sparks desire. Use vivid language to paint a picture of the lifestyle, not just the walls. Weave a cohesive story beyond the first fold using video and a unified design. Build trust with data and clear categories, catering to skimmers. Finally, information should be layered with interactive elements to satisfy both casual browsers and deep divers.

By implementing these best practices, you can craft real estate brochures that capture attention, ignite desire, and convert leads into satisfied residents. Now, go forth and make sure the brochures you create are as extraordinary as the properties they represent!

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