6 Types of Digital Brochures to Inspire You

By Julie van der Weele

6 Types of Digital Brochures to Inspire You

Looking for the ideal content format to get your brand, products, and services in front of your target audience? Want to improve your customer journey, create outstanding content experiences and generate more leads? Digital brochures could be a perfect choice. 

This guide will explain the many benefits interactive brochures offer busy marketers. We’ll show you how easy it is to create these handy pieces of content and how to optimize them for maximum customer engagement. All without the need for technical and design skills. 

Sounds good? Let’s get inspired. 


What is a digital brochure? 

A digital brochure is a piece of informative or promotional material presented in a digital content format and published online. 

Digital brochures are used by B2B and B2C brands to convey information about their company, products, and services. They can be published as live documents or as content downloads, gated or non-gated. 

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What are the benefits of creating and distributing digital brochures? 

  1. They are great for presenting a lot of information. Digital brochures offer the ideal platform for telling your brand’s story or providing an engaging explanation about a product or service. They're also brilliant for presenting reports, addressing barriers to sales, and explaining usage. 
  2. Digital brochures encourage greater creativity. They get your team thinking differently about engaging readers, allowing you to experiment with different tools and features. All with the minimum skill required. 
  3. They offer more opportunities to incorporate other content formats such as audio and video and a wide variety of interactive and static media. This helps bring your offering to life. Interactive tools help put your reader in the driving seat and could include calculators, quizzes, and checklists. Look at some examples of interactive brochures using Foleon’s platform. 
  4. They’re easy to create. Today’s content marketers don’t need graphic design skills to make professional-looking digital brochures. With Foleon’s content creation platform you simply drag and drop your elements into place.
  5. You can choose from a variety of ready-made templates. With Foleon’s platform, there’s a template design to suit every business. Plus, you can modify and customize them to suit your brand identity. All in a matter of minutes! 
  6. You can personalize them for a particular lead or customer. Easy to edit, digital brochures can be adapted to suit the specific needs and interests of a prospect or customer. This valuable sales and marketing tool can help drive conversions and optimize the customer experience. It also shows your customer that you value them, you understand their pain points, and you are committed to making their life that little bit better. 
  7. They provide a great user experience. Easy to navigate, engaging, and ideal for sharing, digital brochures provide a fun and memorable user experience. They also adapt automatically to different devices, and viewers can choose the viewing angles or zoom ratios that suit them. 
  8. They give powerful insights into customer behavior and preferences. Digital brochures allow you to track opens, page-by-page views, shares, and forwards. This helps you refine and adapt the lead generation content over time to boost engagement.

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What kinds of content can I include in a digital brochure? 

You can theoretically include static or interactive content in a digital brochure. However, you’ll need to check your preferred content creation platform to check if the feature is supported. 

Choosing content tools, formats, and features suitable to your target audience is a good idea. They should enhance the messaging and themes of the text and be easy to consume and enjoy on various devices, including mobile. When choosing your content formats think about the customer journey and how the reader will engage with the brochure. Ensure every element adds to the customer experience and moves the lead towards conversion. 


Here are some of the best types of content to include in a digital brochure.

  • Text content - formatted into clear, scannable sections with internal linking and plenty of subheaders, captions, bullets, and so forth. 
  • Interactive content includes checklists, quizzes, maps, games, graphs and charts, calculators, videos, and animations. 
  • Videos and animations.
  • Embedded audio snippets.
  • Visual stories.

Let’s take a look at how these elements work in practice. 


6 examples of great digital brochures 

Often with content marketing, it is easier to learn best practices and be inspired by learning from great examples. Here are some beautiful digital brochures to get your creative juices going. We’ve also pointed out some of the key features in the brochures with an explanation of why they work. 

  • Flywire Travel Industry Report

This interactive report from Flywire, created using Foleon’s platform, examines the impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry and reveals the critical success factors for bouncing back. 

Key design features and why they work

  • Table of contents signposting the reader to the most relevant sections.
  • Interactive map exploring travel trends in specific countries. The reader is drawn into the narrative for each country and can deep-dive as much into the findings as they choose. 
  • Statistics are presented in an interactive pop-up so the reader can focus on the findings that matter to them. 
  • Survey findings are presented in highlighted sections so the reader can find what they want quickly and easily. 
  • Dynamic graphs for each statistic, highlighting the findings.
  • Calls to action on each page.
  • Clear formatting and captions to make the information easy to digest.
  • A strong call to action at the end to request an assessment.
  • Scales to any device while maintaining quality and readability. 

View the interactive report from Flywire

  • Volvo Penta Maritime Brochure

Understanding the need for an immersive digital experience, Volvo Penta used several interactive features offered by Foleon’s content creation platform to produce this brochure. The result is an elegant, engaging, and highly professional content asset that will delight and convert customers. 

Key design features and why they work

  • Embedded video to bring the story to life.
  • Looks and performs great on all devices, including mobile.
  • Use of hotspots throughout to highlight important features, information, and visuals.
  • Animated graphics to highlight features.
  • Parallax to give a sense of depth, emphasize creativity and encourage scrolling.

View the Volvo Penta Interactive Digital Brochure

  • University of California, Santa Cruz Viewbook 2022

The University of California knows how important it is to grab prospective students’ attention from the first moment. Utilizing Foleon’s platform, they created an innovative multi-media digital brochure to inject life into their offering.

Key design features and why they work

  • Animation elements to enhance and bring key branding and content elements such as the cover page banner and CTA on the final page. 
  • Embedded video with student testimonials.
  • Hotspots are used to enhance the presence and impact of the photos of students.
  • Easy to navigate using arrows, burger menu, and footer links. 
  • Parallax and animation features encourage the reader to scroll and enhance the storytelling elements. 
  • Good internal linking to put the reader in control of their user journey.
  • Looks and feels great on all devices, including mobile.
  • Strong CTAs throughout.

View the digital brochure from The University of California.

  • Knight Frank Waterfront Brochure

Every year, Knight Frank produces a brochure showcasing luxury waterfront properties to prospective buyers. With such an aspirational audience, the estate agent needed to create a visually-stunning content experience that encouraged readers to immerse themselves in the environments and homes featured. Foleon’s content creation platform helped the brand achieve its objectives. 

Key design features and why they work

  • An interactive location map encourages the reader to browse and helps them get information about their preferred location.
  • Clear navigation of all pages with the top navigation bar is particularly useful for finding locations and seeing what is available at a glance. The responsive design means that these location pages look compelling even on very small devices, with enticing photos of the places to tempt the reader to click and explore. 
  • Embedded video to bring the brochure to life.
  • Useful search function to smooth the customer journey.
  • Social media links to increase engagement.
  • Rollover highlighted images in the burger index menu to encourage readers to explore the brochure and showcase the locations.
  • Strong CTAs throughout. 
  • Parallax to encourage scrolling, increase time on the page, and emphasize the high quality and creativity of the publication.

View the interactive digital brochure from Knight Frank.

  • European Investment Fund Research Report

The European Investment Fund produces a wide range of reports every year. The information is complex and needs to appeal to a diverse audience. The reports are powerful lead generation tools, helping the EIF promote thought leadership, demonstrate credibility and expertise, and boost social media engagement and SEO. 

The EIF’s research report increased the company’s newsletter subscriber base by an impressive 500%. Read our case study with the EIF to find out how Foleon’s content creation platform helped them achieve this amazing result. 

Key design features and why they work

  • An interactive map that brings to life complex data (regional distribution of venture capital activity in Europe). 
  • Fade in/appear on scroll animated effects to highlight key statistics, enhance user experience and encourage the reader to continue scrolling. 
  • A sophisticated magazine format enables EIF to convey a large amount of text information alongside elegant graphs and animated illustrations. 
  • Embedded video to bring the report to life.
  • Looks great on all platforms, including mobile. 
  • Intuitive and clear navigation on each page, in the burger menu, and at the header. 
  • The burger menu index includes a roll-over function highlighting each page, encouraging the reader to click and explore.
  • Good internal linking, including from the index page, makes it easy to locate sections of interest. 

  • Mead Johnson Enfamil Digital Brochure

Mead Johnson produced an interactive digital brochure to help them engage an audience that needed a lot of reliable and useful information about an important subject matter. 

Key design features and why they work

  • Full-screen images to engage the reader.
  • Embedded explainer videos to boost audience engagement and time on the page.
  • Strong CTAs and encouragement to engage on social media. 
  • Good navigation, including burger menu and internal linking. 

View the digital brochure from Mead Johnson


Why it's time to power up your digital marketing brochures!

As you can see from these great examples, creating digital brochures is a fantastic way to engage, entertain and convert your customers. They also boost customer loyalty, launch new products and services, present reports and important information, promote thought leadership, and bring your brand to life. 

Not a bad return for a content asset that is so easy to produce and distribute - providing you use the right content creation platform, of course! The team at Foleon is always super excited when a new client comes on board and tries the platform out for the first time.

Sure, we’ve already explained how simple and straightforward it is to create elegant, interactive digital brochures. We’ve talked them through the powerful analytics package that will help them refine and improve the digital brochure over time. We’ve also shown them around the huge library of templates we’ve created and the media library where they can safely store and manage all their digital assets. 

But when they start using it for themselves, the magic happens. Our clients see for themselves the variety of benefits Foleon’s content creation platform offers. All that time and resources were saved. All those beautiful brochures and interactive documents to personalize and send out to prospects and their loyal customer base. All those great content experiences were delivered. 

Sounds good? Why not book your free demo today to see it for yourself?

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