Maaike Tempel

The 10 Most Popular Ways to Use Your Web Publications

by Maaike Tempel

What do you use Foleon for? For an annual report? Or maybe for a newsletter? Our customers use our software for a broad range of publications. Have you ever thought about creating a one page website in our software for example? Or a white paper, which is (correction: was) traditionally the same as a PDF?

This is what they certainly have in common: they are all visual stories. Images are super important. Digital publications come to life with full screen video, animated GIFs and photography. Whether it's an annual report or a personalized staff magazine: visual, narrative content allows for more involvement or 'engagement'.

But what is Foleon used for most frequently? We did some research. Filing cabinets were opened, we circled some numbers and here it is. The ultra mega top 10 most used Foleon applications:

1. Digital brochure

How can you be sure that your customers will get the most accurate impression of your products or services? How can you give them enough time to properly look at what you are offering? An online product brochure is an ideal medium to visually introduce customers to your services and products. Make changes to your brochure on the fly and reach your target group online through all the channels relevant to them.

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2. Digital corporate magazine

A corporate magazine is, in the first place, a publication that should be interesting to your customers. What do your customers want to read; what captivates their interest? Present a good mix of interesting news from your own organization and add extra content that interests and appeals to your target group in your online corporate magazine.

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3. Digital newsletter

It is and remains a good idea to regularly communicate with your target audience and, by doing so, secure their loyalty with interesting content. Instead of posting only ‘dry’ news items, it is smart to show them a behind-the-scenes look into your organization. Editorial content in the form of interviews, testimonials and useful, in-depth content will ensure that your newsletter will gradually transform into a corporate magazine.

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4. Digital product catalogue/look book

If you want to present your products in a cool, visual manner and provide them with context, you should consider creating an online product catalogue. Forbo published Marmoleum to create context for their products by including user experiences in addition to a simple product overview. Customers want to know how products can be used in ‘real life’ and how they are valued. Use calls to action to generate traffic to your website, where you will be able to subsequently increase your conversion rates.



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5. Digital annual report

An annual report is used more and more frequently to involve shareholders and stakeholders in an organization’s strategic decision-making process. It provides an ideal opportunity to look back at the past year and forward to a year to come. You can bring your annual report to life with editorial content such as interviews showing your customers’ and organization’s success stories in full-screen images. Dull, non-measurable PDF editions: eat your heart out!

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6. Branded content

Branded content is content that is sponsored without it being instantly clear that this is actually an advertisement. A single page is referred to as an ‘advertorial’. ‘Native advertising’ is another name for this. Content marketing is an extension of this. The content is narrative, rather than commercial. This more narrative manner of communicating content fits in seamlessly with the nature of an online magazine.

Want to learn more about branded content or revenue models? Check our blog: Revenue models for online magazines.

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7. Digital event magazine

You can warm up your visitors to your event with background information featuring your speakers, venue and programme. Not only that: you can create an online programme book during the event and send the attendees a recap of your event afterwards, rewarding them for their visit with a full-screen video report, valuable content and articles produced in response to the event. You could even use this recap to offer them a discount for next year’s event! Dell created a summary about their Dell for Entrepreneurs event. 

Dell Magazine

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8. Digital member magazine

An organization’s members are, generally speaking, involved in the organization itself. You can reward them through your web publication with discounts and/or promotional actions, as well as with bonus content.

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9. White paper

A white paper is traditionally a downloadable PDF document that provides valuable content in exchange for your personal data. However, reader behavior is not measurable in a PDF and the content is not responsive. Our software will enable you to present your white paper in an attractive, visual manner that is accessible on every device, and on every screen. Have people log in with their Facebook or LinkedIn account and personalize the white paper based on the data obtained. Gain comprehensive insight into performance, page by page, and optimize the content. It was never so easy to create valuable leads with your content! We've created our own white paper to provide valuable content about online magazines and what they can do for your company.


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10. Digital staff magazine

Let's say you own a big company and have a staff magazine that is printed for 1000+ employees. Considering the cost of print, and the fact that it is impossible to measure the extent to which the magazine was appreciated, the decision to switch to a digital version should be entirely justified. Featuring permanent columns about the organization and its current projects, but also by shining a spotlight on particular employees, you will make sure an online staff company magazine is highly valued by its readers.

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Next to these 10 applications our software is also used for one pagers, e learning, e-books, and more. Read our blog about 7 possibilities that might not have crossed your mind (yet).

Have we inspired you to venture into a new direction with regard to your content? Log in and get started on your new publication! Don't have an account yet? Start a free trial now.

Maaike Tempel
Maaike is a customer success manager at Foleon. She helps our customers leverage the potential of our tool as much as possible.

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