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Gather the intelligence you need to continually optimize and personalize your business communications at every point of the customer journey.

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Content experiences provide a whole new way of gathering actionable insight

Eliminate the black hole in your customer journey. As you turn your static content into active experiences, Foleon lets you leverage the power of modern analytics tools for all your business content, not only your website.

Improve Your Content Performance
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Foleon provides a straightforward way for companies to scale interactive content production. Take a quick look inside and see for yourself.

Content Intelligence

Make your content as intelligent as your martech stack

Follow prospects through their unique journey and serve them relevant content at every touchpoint. Get real-time insights that help you make their journey feel natural rather than intrusive.

Tie together insights from your entire customer journey.

Rather than analyzing vanity metrics at each interaction, content experiences give you the intelligence you need to create a seamless journey and optimize the whole story.

Improve Content Performance

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  • Increase audience engagement with interactive content
  • Understand performance and optimize even after distribution
  • Identify buying intent to prioritize and personalize follow-up
  • Use flexible gating, putting leadgen forms on any page
  • Create better content, faster — across teams, and 100% on brand

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“Leads that come in through Foleon become MQLs 2x faster. By integrating HubSpot, we can do progressive profiling and pick out the most engaged leads, then hand the ones to sales that are most likely to convert.”
Kerry Leighton-Bailey
Kerry Leighton-Bailey
“PDFs could not give us any data on content usage or engagement after it had been downloaded. With Foleon, we can see what topics our audience engages with, which allows us to tailor the content to our audience’s needs.”
Victor Küppers
Victor Küppers
VP of Marketing
“Foleon makes our content feel modern. The most significant benefit of the platform is that we can now track audience engagement and can actually see that our content is being opened and how it’s read.”
Sydney Mendoza
Sydney Mendoza
Graphic Design Specialist

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