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Avison Young

Why switch from legacy formats?

PDFs just don't capture your audience's attention, let alone drive engagement or signal intent. You need something more powerful — something digestible and memorable.

Fast and easy

Our intuitive drag & drop editor and suite of customizable templates allow anyone to create interactive content quickly. Say goodbye to the back-and-forth and update your content on the fly.


Foleon Docs are built for the mobile age. Unlike PDFs, which just get smaller as the screen size decreases, Foleon Docs adapt their layout and look great on any device.

Identify intent

By looking at in-content engagement, you not only know how effective your content is, but you can also quickly determine who's ripe for follow-up.

Learn and improve

Foleon Docs tell you how readers engage on the inside. See what sections interest people and where they dropped off. Get all the insight you need to make your content more effective.

Rich media

Use full-screen background videos, animated data visualizations, and parallax effects to create stunning content experiences that keep readers engaged.

Always up-to-date

Foleon Docs can be updated after distribution. Go ahead and change something. Everyone will see the most up-to-date version. When content expires, you can unpublish it. Forget about old content circulating.


Create 20+ content types

From annual reports to white papers, Foleon Docs are easy to create and fun to consume.

It’s for sales. For marketing. For internal comms. Foleon empowers everyone in your company to create the content they need — on-brand, secure, and transparent.

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Content creation doesn’t get easier than this

With Foleon, you can create high-impact interactive content quickly, consistently, and on brand.

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