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Goodbye vanity metrics, hello informed decisions

Foleon empowers you to optimize content based on your audience’s behavior.

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You can't afford to use a format you can't track

Track opens, page-by-page content views, shares, and forwards. Improve follow-up time and tailor your message to your audience’s known interests.

6.2 Track results

Know what your audience craves, and give it to them

Improve conversations and conversions with real-time insights. Understand the value of your content and optimize it even after distribution.

Digital-to-human experience

Automate lead scoring, create bespoke follow-ups, and trigger event-based workflows. Add chat tools to offer a digital-to-human connection throughout your entire story.

6.4 Digital to human

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“PDFs could not give us any data on content usage or engagement after it had been downloaded. With Foleon, we can see what topics our audience engages with, which allows us to tailor the content to our audience’s needs.”
Victor Küppers
Victor Küppers
VP of Marketing
“Foleon makes our content feel modern. The most significant benefit of the platform is that we can now track audience engagement and can actually see that our content is being opened and how it’s read.”
Sydney Mendoza
Sydney Mendoza
Graphic Design Specialist
“It’s easy to get swallowed by data or metrics to measure success, but Foleon elevated our content beyond offering good metrics — it offered an experience. ”
Romily Broad
Romily Broad
Interactive content creation editor

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The format

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Foleon fits right into your existing marketing tech stack.

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