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Connect Foleon to your tech stack to enhance your workflows, gain powerful insights, and ensure your martech works seamlessly together.

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Connect the tools you use every day

Integrate Foleon directly with your CRM, marketing automation platform, DAM, Google Analytics and more. Plus use Zapier to instantly integrate with 2,000+ other tools.

5.2 Connecting tools

Make your content work for you

Send information directly to your marketing automation platform and CRM:  

  • Add native forms for gating and data capture
  • Track audience behavior across your content
  • Trigger events based on content engagement for lead scoring

Engage first, capture leads later

Give readers a taste of your content before asking for their information. Embed forms into your content, wherever you want them — the front, middle, or end.

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“Leads that come in through Foleon become MQLs 2x faster. By integrating HubSpot, we can do progressive profiling and pick out the most engaged leads, then hand the ones to sales that are most likely to convert.”
Kerry Leighton-Bailey
Kerry Leighton-Bailey
“We chose Foleon because of the value and versatility of the platform. The fact that you can use it in so many different ways, from an interactive brochure to a newsletter or a microsite, appealed to us. The platform is ready to go and easy to implement.”
Ana Gaman
Ana Gaman
Graphic Design Officer
“As a B2B company, content creation is at the heart of our marketing efforts. The ability to interact with our audience and find out how they’re engaging with our content is essential and is exactly what Foleon allows us to do.”
Victor Küppers
Victor Küppers
VP of Marketing
Easy interactive content editor

The editor

Learn about the Foleon editor, where all the magic happens.

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Exciting interactive content format

The format

The interactive Foleon Doc format is what will set you apart.

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Interactive content insights and analytics

The insights

Foleon empowers you to optimize content based on your audience’s behavior.

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