How to Gauge the Success of your Digital Publishing with Foleon

By Sim Samra

How to Gauge the Success of your Digital Publishing with Foleon

Content consumers are changing their habits. Old formats like PDF don't work anymore. Attention spans are getting shorter. People read less and skim more. They spend only seconds before moving on to the next thing.

It's more essential than ever that you find a way to stop readers in their tracks. Interactive Foleon Docs provide marketing professionals with the opportunity to make their sales and marketing collateral more engaging and effective using visuals, rich media, and interactivity — and by making continual data-driven optimizations.

In our benchmark report of 2021, The State of Digital Publishing, we analyzed over 4,777 Foleon Docs to help determine how Marketing professionals gauge the success of their content.

The metrics gathered in this report cover KPIs for the most common use cases and provide benchmarks against which to compare your data.

Our findings showed:

  • Foleon Docs have an average session duration of 03:28
  • Are created and published within 14.2 days
  • Bounce rates, on average, are only 25%
  • 53% of traffic is from a desktop, 42% is from a mobile device, and 5.3% is from a tablet

Read the complete analysis of these findings and much more in our report.

This article discusses The state of digital publishing benchmark report of 2021.

Read the new Foleon Benchmark report (2023).

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How digital publishing is becoming a major component of content marketing.

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