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  • Boost engagement with striking interactive content
  • Gain deep audience insights you’ve been missing
  • Speed up content production while reducing costs

Drive real engagement

Create immersive experiences

Easily create interactive content experiences that will keep your audience engaged on any device — no design or technical skills required. 

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Scale up your content creation

Get more done in less time

Empower your teams to quickly create on-brand content that’s tailored to their specific audience needs.

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Gain meaningful insights

Understand how your readers engage

Get performance insights on a page-by-page basis, and see how individual contacts interact with all the content in your journey.

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  • Increase audience engagement with interactive content
  • Understand performance and optimize even after distribution
  • Identify buying intent to prioritize and personalize follow-up
  • Use flexible gating, putting leadgen forms on any page
  • Create better content, faster — across teams, and 100% on brand


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“We were really excited to see higher engagement metrics and how Foleon accelerated our design process. We're now able to produce content 4 times faster than before.”
Victor Küppers
Victor Küppers
VP of Marketing
“Foleon empowers us to create professional-looking content assets that are engaging (as proven by the built-in analytics engine) and easy to view on mobile. I’m having lots of fun with the platform.”
Lindsay Charman
Lindsay Charman
Client Satisfaction Manager
“Foleon is an excellent extension of our marketing toolkit. It takes the pressure off engineering and design by empowering our marketing team to create the content we need.”
Jessica Gelzer
Jessica Gelzer
Director of Brand Marketing

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