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Don't settle for missing or ineffective content that costs money and delivers little.

Build stunning, valuable assets at scale with the #1 content creation platform.

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Right time, right place, right result

Foleon's easy-to-use design interface, template library, brand management and in-platform collaboration help you exponentially ramp up your content output.

Make whatever you need, whenever you need it and see the impact on your results.


Build fast, measure impact, drive improvement

Understand in detail how your audience consumes your content. Increase value from your MAP and CRM investments by building insights and automating processes.

Adapt and adjust your content for continuous improvement.

See how it works

Foleon provides a simple way for companies to scale high-value content production. See for yourself in 3 mins.


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Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out the form and choose a time that suits you
  2. Give us one of your branded PDFs
  3. We’ll turn it into an engaging Foleon Doc

Foleon vs your current content

Foleon means less time, less effort, less waste.

More reach, more engagement, more insights, more impact.

Send us a piece of your content and we'll show you what Foleon can do:

  • More speed with the simple editor, templates and brand control
  • More efficiency through in-platform collaboration and governance
  • More impact from responsive, accessible and dynamic assets
  • More return from your content investments

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Content for every team, by every team

Empower every team that relies on content to get the job done. HR, Sales, Corporate Communications, Marketing. Foleon is built to enable non-specialists to create stunning content quickly - whatever content they need, whatever their objective.

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