Scale content through better collaboration

Empower every team in your company to create high-quality, interactive content without jeopardizing your brand guidelines or running into design bottlenecks.

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Your sales team can't wait that long

Sales knows what their prospects need to see. With shared templates and preset themes, your sales teams can create top-notch, bespoke content themselves — without waiting for marketing and design.

How To Create Great Quality Content
Scale your content

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Foleon provides a straightforward way for companies to scale interactive content production. Take a quick look inside and see for yourself.

How To Create Quality Content At Scale

Get it done fast and keep it on brand

With a central media library, sharable templates, and specific user roles, you can empower more people in your company to pitch in and create content that adheres to your brand guidelines.

Collaborate effectively across teams

With dedicated workspaces for different departments, regions, or brands, teams can safely create content without getting in each other's way. And you can govern it all centrally.

 Create Great Quality Content
How To Create Great Content At Scale

Technology that makes it faster and easier

Foleon's content creation platform provides sophisticated creative capabilities while reducing the complexity around design, security, and content governance, enabling your teams to get more done, faster.

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Learn how we can help you to:

  • Increase audience engagement with interactive content
  • Understand performance and optimize even after distribution
  • Identify buying intent to prioritize and personalize follow-up
  • Use flexible gating, putting leadgen forms on any page
  • Create better content, faster — across teams, and 100% on brand

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“We chose Foleon because it’s easy to use and allows for collaboration between multiple people and teams. Our local teams are now empowered to create content on their own within our brand guidelines.”
Alouette Alexander
Alouette Alexander
Global Director, Digital and Marketing Technology
“I think that for anybody looking to improve their content, or anyone looking to do projects like microsites or produce things like guides, or ebooks, it’s definitely worth considering Foleon. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.”
James Nadal
James Nadal
Associate Content Marketing Manager
“Using Foleon, we are now able to take an agile approach to content production while reducing our carbon footprint. On average, we produce content 2.5x as fast and save roughly 300% in printing costs.”
Pascal Martino
Pascal Martino
Partner Advisory & Consulting

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