How will the
rebranding affect you?

Instant Magazine is now Foleon. The technical details you should know about are on this page. If after reading this you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team via


TL;DR Here are the key takeaways:

  • Your existing publications are safe; you don't have to do anything.
  • More specifically, they will remain accessible on their current URLs.
  • You can continue to publish new content on your current domain.
  • We’ve released a brand new dashboard.
  • Publication groups have been renamed to projects.
  • Our website, editor, and help center have gotten a visual update and new URLs.


Where will your publications be hosted?

Your existing publications are still accessible on their current URLs. You can continue to publish new content on your current domain. Nothing will change here.

If you currently publish on the Instant Magazine domain (, you may continue doing so, forever.

In addition, you can now also publish content on the new, shorter Foleon domain ( More on how to do this later.

If you host on a custom domain (e.g.,, nothing will change for you. Your domain settings can remain as they are, pointing to the Foleon servers ( Read more about hosting on a custom domain in our help center article Hosting on a custom domain.


Preview URLs

Regardless of where you host your publications, all new preview URLs now use the Foleon domain. However, old Instant Magazine preview URLs that you may have saved, shared, or bookmarked in the past will continue to work.


How to publish on the new Foleon domain

If you want to publish new or existing content on the Foleon domain, you can set this either in your Project Settings (previously known as Group Settings) on the dashboard or in the Publishing Settings while working in the editor.

Note: Keep in mind that domain hosting settings are applied on the project level (previously known as publication groups) and thus apply to all publications in a project. If you change the domain for a project that already contains live publications, be sure to republish all those live publications.


Regardless, your old URLs will continue to work

If you change the domain settings of a live publication to Foleon, it will still be accessible via the old Instant Magazine URL. Old URLs won’t redirect to the new Foleon URLs. Instead, your publication will be accessible via both the new Foleon URL and the original Instant Magazine URL.

However, the publication will receive a canonical link telling search engines that the new Foleon URL has a higher priority. This is done to avoid duplicate content issues that could impact your SEO.

Read more about our different hosting options and how publication URLs are structured in our help center article Hosting Foleon publications.


The Foleon default domain will enforce HTTPS

Publications that you host on will use HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) by default, meaning that visitors will always connect to your content using the secure HTTPS protocol.


Your media and files will remain where they are

Media, such as images, files, and publication PDFs will remain on Instant Magazine URLs ( So, in case you’re linking to those directly, those links will continue to work.


Publication groups have been renamed to projects

Over the past years, we’ve heard more than once that the term “publication groups” could cause confusion. To make things more clear, we've renamed publication groups to projects.

This is only a name change, nothing else will change.

Read more about projects (previously known as groups) in our help center articles Foleon terminology and Working with projects.


A new dashboard

As part of the Foleon rebranding, we’re gradually launching a completely redesigned dashboard to provide a better overview of all your publications. Explore loads of handy new features. You can easily switch back and forth between the new dashboard and the old one.

You’ll hear more about this in upcoming updates.


Changes to our website, editor, and help center

The URLs of our website, editor, and help center have moved to the Foleon domain.

Instant Magazine URLs forward you to new Foleon URLs automatically (e.g., if you try to go to, you will be forwarded to

In addition, the aesthetics have also changed slightly. But most importantly, we’ll keep on improving and expanding the capabilities of our platform and maintaining our world-class service.


Changes to invoicing

You’ll receive future invoices from Foleon instead of Instant Magazine.


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team via

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