4 Reasons You Need a Content Creation Platform

By Sim Samra

Content creation platform

Nowadays, everyone and their dog can make content. Have you seen the number of animal accounts there are on Instagram? 

But the reality is that not everyone can create content that works or truly impacts their target audience (except for some exceptional dog accounts, of course!).

Today's content consumer wants more than to be offered products and services; they want to be entertained — have an experience. 

Creating such moments requires the right tools to plan and craft the most compelling and competitive pieces. This blog explains how a content creation platform can elevate your content to that level. 

We've also put together a business case for you to share your newfound knowledge about content creation platforms with your team, and ultimately pitch it to your department head(s). 

So, what do compelling and competitive pieces of content look like?

First things first, what does "compelling"... mean?

In a nutshell, compelling content is 

  • Interactive and engaging
  • Cross-device and mobile responsive
  • A linear storyline
  • Tailored to your audience's needs
  • Intelligent and thought-provoking
  • Integrated with tech marstack 
  • Created quickly and on-brand
  • Spans the customer journey

I know the list might seem intimidating, but all are achievable when using content experiences. 

You're probably thinking, what is that, right? 

Well, websites aren't the only place to host content online. Web publications have their own URL and are a dedicated space for your important content assets. This could be anything from a year in review, a guide, a brochure, or a magazine. It's an asset you want to give extra attention to.

You can create web publications with a content creation platform. We call our web publications Foleon Docs. 

Take a look at some here: 

Reasons to consider a content creation platform

Where do I start? Perhaps a linear approach is the best way to go (since it offers a nice segway to my first point) ☝

Web publications have a clear and easy linear structure to follow

Some websites are difficult to navigate and have pages scattered all over. It can be hard to know where to begin (and end) as a reader.

With a web publication, readers can follow a single navigation path linearly. This keeps readers engaged for longer, but it also means they can find and access information much more easily. Take a look at the linear structure in this example. 

You can encourage engagement much more easily

The format in which you share your content can impact whether a conversation is possible with your audience or not. No one likes a one-sided conversation, after all.

Just think of a PDF — readers can download it, but not all are mobile responsive. What a wasted opportunity for real engagement. Digitizing your content so that it's highly visual, interactive, and accessible cross-device can give you the engagement you're looking for and the experience your audience deserves. 

All your content stays on-brand

As professional content marketers and designers, we need to ensure that every asset created works within the larger brand of the organization. A content creation tool allows for the adherence to brand guidelines so that there is consistency across all assets, no matter what department is creating the content. Much of this has to do with
setting up templates in advance so that any stakeholder can use them to build their asset without starting from scratch.

When I say in no time, I mean it — a web publication, like a Foleon Doc, can take as little as 2.5 hours to make with no technical knowledge beforehand. Think of all your marketing assets that deserve more attention than an average blog post, like this digital magazine from Trilux

Measure content effectiveness effectively

As with any piece of content, you'll want to know whether it's yielding a return on investment (ROI) or not. Many organizations get so caught up in vanity metrics that they lose sight of which ones reflect their target audience. Content intelligence helps with everything from how smoothly your operations are running to the type of content that resonates with your audience.

With a web publication, you can better grasp how well people resonate with a piece of content, which specific sections of the downloadable asset readers are most engaged with, and how individual prospects are engaging with it. Using these insights, you can adjust your content in real-time (without re-publishing).

You can learn more about insights and analytics on a content creation platform here


Convincing your teams to get on board 

Now that you know the secrets to unlocking the contentverse, it's time to stand out with content that packs a punch and is designed to catch the right attention. We know you may have difficulty convincing your teams and stakeholders to jump on board with a content creation platform.

That's why we designed a Business Case with you in mind to make that conversation much easier. Simply personalize the Business Case template with your content goals in mind for the year, and present it to your department heads. 

Foleon Template

Your Free Sample Business Case Template

Convince internal stakeholders to invest in a content creation platform that you need.

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