New in Foleon: How Your Feedback Led to the Content Builder, Brand Kit, and Standard Users

By Richard Francis

New in Foleon: How Your Feedback Led to the Content Builder, Brand Kit, and Standard Users

At Foleon, our mission is clear: we want your content to drive success across your organization.

Whether for Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, or any other team, we know how important it is to have the right content, at the right moment, in the right place. Our mission is to make that as easy and as fast as possible.

Scaling content: the key to business success

How often are valuable pieces of content not created because capacity is limited? Well, not anymore. We’ve released a new editing interface that's easy to use, templates that cut down on design time, brand controls that limit risk, and access for more people that can contribute and create value. 

Before we dive in, let’s explore why we made these improvements in the first place.

Feedback led us here

Every year, we like to learn about your struggles with your content creation process. We use this information to further improve our platform and ensure we prioritize the right changes.

Foleon Customer Survey

A question from this year's customer survey.

Over the last few years, your feedback has come in loud and clear, with four prominent themes that stood out.

Four prominent themes of customer feedback

  1. Enabling non-designers to succeed 

While the Foleon editor differs from other design software, we discovered that non-designers who’d like to create content could struggle at first. More people could contribute to content creation if the platform were even more straightforward. 

  1. Templates, templates, and more templates

Foleon templates are a great way to save time. However, the ones available weren't always enough to match the vast range of use cases for Foleon Docs. More templates would equal greater speed, flexibility, and, ultimately, more impact. 

  1. Quality control reigns supreme

Depending on who worked within the platform, the content created wasn’t always 100% on-brand. Creating guardrails for the look and feel would help brand managers keep content creation under control.

  1. Access to Foleon for all 

User pricing made it challenging to let wider stakeholders into the content creation process. More flexibility would increase access, support collaboration, and increase speed.

Improvements to scale your process

Put simply; you told us you wanted to get more done. You wanted a smooth process with an interface so easy that almost anyone could use it. You asked for templates that cut design effort, brand controls that support quantity (without risking quality), and more people collaborating at a price that made sense. 

You asked, and we listened. Here’s how we put your helpful insights to good use. 

A new way to use Foleon

The all-new Content Builder

The Content Builder is our new, more straightforward interface, an extra option next to the editor customers know and love, which we’ve renamed to the Content Studio. It’s focused not on designing from scratch but on fine-tuning templates our design experts have created for you. Simply add your text and images and publish — create stellar content, regardless of your level of design expertise.

💡 Watch the video or read the help article.

Foleon The Content Builder

A wide selection of predesigned templates

The templates now cover virtually any use case you might have, ensuring that whatever content you need, for whatever purpose, can be created in Foleon. Plus, we introduced the ability to save custom Doc templates in addition to pages, blocks, or overlays.

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Foleon Templates

The power of the Brand Kit

We’ve also released our new Brand Kit: visual and stylistic settings you create that are automatically applied to any new piece of content. Whoever makes your content, from Sales to Customer Success, the guardians of your brand identity can sleep soundly at night.

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Foleon Brand Kit

Grow your team of content creators

The Content Builder, new templates, and Brand Kit provide the additional execution power you need for content success. With our new bundles of low-priced standard users, access to reviewers, editors, and collaborators is more straightforward than ever.

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Foleon User Roles


Cheers to scaling content creation

We’re so excited and proud to release these new features because we believe scaling content creation is critical to business success. These improvements will allow you to scale your process, helping us in our mission of supporting you in creating the content you need to be successful.

Foleon Doc

Powerful updates for scaling content creation

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Powerful updates for scaling content creation
Richard Francis

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