How to Scale Content Production

As audiences look to seek a sense of normalcy and reassurance from brands, scaling content production is an excellent opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

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While many companies think that economic downturns are a time to think small, it's actually a great time to think "scale." 

As audiences look to seek a sense of normalcy and reassurance from brands, scaling content production is an excellent opportunity to connect with audiences, keep your messaging strong and stay ahead of competitors — who may be experiencing budget cuts.

How tech can help scale your content production

Your marketing team should focus on growing and nurturing your core audience, so now might be the best time to look at new technologies and integrated tools to help you simplify and streamline tasks.

According to Hubspot's 2020 State of Marketing report, 40% of marketers believe that content marketing is a significant part of their overall marketing strategy. That means content creation is something that every business needs to continue investing in to stay relevant. 

Keeping up with content creation

Of course, investment in content creation can look different in many companies. 

For instance, the Content Marketing Institute reports that 75% of large B2B businesses (over 1,000 employees) outsource their content marketing activities, with content creation being the most outsourced content marketing activity among B2B marketers.

While outsourcing is a popular option, it ultimately depends on how much budget you have at your disposal — so it might not be the most affordable option to scale. 

An alternative for companies is to empower their in-house teams — no matter how big or small — to become content creators with the help of a content creation platform. This could be a tool that lets any team create engaging, interactive content without much design or technical expertise

Companies can scale up easier by involving more people in the content creation process while staying on-brand. 

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Templated tools

With Foleon, for instance, workspaces and user roles enable your brand team to govern templates and other company assets while your users can add or adjust content without messing anything up. 

Our Creative Director, Vincent van der Laan, talks more about this in a recent interview where he explains how businesses can thrive using tools in their content marketing efforts. 

A content creation tool can empower customer-facing colleagues to create bespoke content without always waiting for input from a Creative Director or the Brand and Comms team. 

Take your Sales staff, for example; they can create a tailored proposal for a prospect using a pre-approved branded template without the brand team looking over their shoulder.

Here's where the value lies

That is the real value technology, like a content creation tool, brings when scaling content production. It adds to your team's efforts, enabling them to accomplish things they had never done before or considered.

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So, as businesses buckle down to weather the economic storm ahead, use this time to engage more, not withdraw, from your audience. It's the best time to take advantage of less competition and strengthen and nurture connections with your core audience, and the right technology can help you continue to propel your business forward with content marketing and elevate it in the aftermath.

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