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Spend less time designing and getting more content out the floor with our customizable white paper template. Understand the true value of your content ROI with page-by-page user engagement metrics that reveal purchase intent.

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About the interactive white paper template

Welcome to the future of content creation with Foleon's interactive white paper template! Our innovative template empowers you to transform your traditional white papers into dynamic and engaging digital experiences. Gone are the days of static PDFs; with Foleon, you can captivate your audience with interactive elements such as videos, infographics, clickable images, and embedded forms. Elevate your white papers to a whole new level, delivering valuable insights and information in a visually appealing and interactive format that keeps readers hooked from start to finish.

What is a digital white paper?

A digital white paper is a modern and dynamic form of presenting in-depth information, analysis, and research on a specific topic or industry. Unlike its traditional print counterpart, a digital white paper leverages the power of technology to enhance the reader's experience. Through Foleon's digital white paper template, you can enrich your content with multimedia elements, interactive visuals, and captivating design, making complex concepts more digestible and engaging for your audience.

How to use the white paper template

Creating compelling and effective white papers has never been easier than with Foleon's user-friendly template. Start by selecting a professionally designed layout that suits your brand's style and content. Customize the template with your branding elements, and then effortlessly integrate multimedia content, such as videos and image galleries, to enhance your white paper's impact.

Foleon's intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows you to add interactive charts, graphs, and navigation, making your white paper more engaging and accessible to readers. Share your digital white papers online, embed them on your website, or use them as lead magnets to generate valuable insights and potential leads.

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What's in the digital white paper template?

Foleon's digital white paper template comes equipped with a range of powerful features designed to optimize your content and reader experience. Enjoy the benefits of a responsive design that ensures your white paper looks stunning on any device, from desktops to mobiles. Utilize interactive elements like call-to-action buttons and content pop-ups to guide readers through your white paper seamlessly.

With Foleon's advanced analytics, you can measure reader engagement, track interactions, and gain valuable insights into how your audience consumes your content. Take your white papers to the next level with Foleon's interactive template, and deliver valuable information in a format that leaves a lasting impression on your readers.

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