What is Content Intelligence and How Should You Get Started?

By Sean Filidis

What is Content Intelligence, why it matters and how to get started

Companies spend more time and resources creating content every year. Yet many are stuck in the realm of vanity metrics, never learning what truly works well. This leaves them unable to improve, unable to pivot, and unable to prove their contribution to bottom line results. 

That’s where content intelligence comes in. At its core, content intelligence allows you to understand everything there is to know about a piece of content and how all of your content ties together to create your customer journey. 

Content intelligence can help you optimize your content operations and provide you with valuable insights on what’s working and what’s not. In addition, it’s the key to creating a human voice that resonates well with current and potential customers. Let’s dive deeper into how content intelligence works and why it’s so important. 


What is Content Intelligence? 

Content intelligence allows you to discover deep insights so you can meet (or even exceed) your goals.

As long as your organization commits to gathering intelligence, you’ll have a complete idea of how effective each piece of content is

You’ll know what the content is, what it’s related to, how it’s previously performed, and how related content has performed. These insights can help you make better decisions and open your eyes to valuable information that you may have never known in the past. 

Content intelligence is truly the future of content marketing. It’s essential if you’re wondering what content to produce, share, update, and promote. It can drive sales and/or leads, engage current customers, prospects, and influencers, and increase brand awareness


Content Intelligence: Beyond Mere Analytics

If you take advantage of content intelligence, you’ll set your organization up to reap the following benefits.

Reach the Right Customers

Every time your target audience interacts with your content, they leave clues about their behaviors and preferences. Unfortunately, tracking vanity metrics like shares, likes, and traffic won’t necessarily tell you whether or not your content is effective. You have to dig deeper. 

Content intelligence can uncover deeper insights from your data and give you a more detailed understanding of your target audience. You can find out what they like, dislike, which influencers they look up to, how they’ve interacted with your brand in the past, and more. 

Content intelligence eliminates the need to guess or make assumptions about your customers. You’ll have solid data that helps you identify the type of content you should be producing. This is because you’ll know what they like and have a good idea of what motivates and drives them. 

Prove a Clear ROI

It can be a real challenge to demonstrate an ROI on your content efforts. It’s no surprise that 46% of marketers report measuring the ROI of content marketing as one of the top challenges they face. After all, content strategy often involves brand awareness and building meaningful relationships with prospects and customers. Metrics such as page views and bounce rate aren’t the ideal ways to measure whether these goals have been accomplished. 

These metrics don’t show how users really feel about the content they’re presented. Think about it. A page view doesn’t necessarily mean that a customer has a positive opinion of your brand. This is where gathering better content intelligence can help.

By doing so, you can not only figure out what engages your customers, you can receive actionable insights that can allow you to create the best possible content for your goals. You’ll know how to spend your marketing dollars wisely and be able to stop spending on content that doesn’t work.

Increase Efficiency and Confidence 

Let’s face it. Your marketing team has a lot on their plate. They can’t afford to waste their precious time and energy on content that may or may not be effective. By gathering intelligence about your content, your marketing team can receive the reliable, data-driven insights they need to become more efficient. 

These insights can guide them toward creating meaningful content that is ideal for your target audience and most importantly, generates results. Content intelligence is also bound to help your marketing team feel more confident with the type of content they use to represent your brand. 

Improve Personalization

A one-size-fits all approach to content won’t help you meet your goals. Every prospect is in their own unique stage of the customer journey so what may work for one individual won’t work for another. You’ll need to share different content with a prospect that is trying to figure out what your product does, for example, that the prospect who is already researching competitors and comparing prices. 

If you’ve collected the right intelligence, it becomes easier to personalize your marketing efforts based on what content a prospect has already consumed. Personalization is vital if you’d like to improve customer experience and stand out from the crowd. 

Support the Sales Team

Content intelligence can benefit virtually everyone in your organization, including your sales team. Chances are many of your sales reps don’t receive the right information at the right time to sell to prospects successfully. 

Imagine if a sales person could see exactly which pages a prospect read, which topics they spent time on, and precisely how engaged they were. Wouldn’t it be great if they can receive real-time intelligence from your content assets and call them minutes after they read your eBook or other important piece of content?


Foleon Offers the Content Intelligence You Need to Succeed

If you’re ready to take your content marketing efforts to the next level through content intelligence, Foleon is an invaluable resource. With our revolutionary Content Creation Platform, you can collect the intelligence you need to continually optimize and personalize your content at every point of the customer journey. 

You’ll be able to leverage the power of modern analytics for every piece of content you create, not just your website. A seamless customer journey has never been more within reach. Request a demo today.

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