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Tentoo hits lead targets 5x faster with interactive white papers

Tentoo Foleon customer story


Tentoo has specialized in providing holistic HR, payroll, and freelance services for 25 years. Their mission is clear: making entrepreneurship easier by eliminating worry, risk, and obstacles for both freelancers and their employers. Since early 2017, Tentoo has used Foleon for the development of interactive white papers, and now increasingly for a variety of additional applications. In this case study, we interviewed Maquiro Hofstra, Communications Specialist at Tentoo.


faster than the PDF version to reach the desired number of leads
of all readers read the entire white paper
weeks only to reach the lead volume target

“Interactive white papers that are mid-gated give us far more insight into our readers than PDFs gated behind a regular form. Also, they look great on any type of device. Win, win!”

maquiro-hofstraMaquiro Hofstra
Communications Specialist at Tentoo


The challenge

Why an interactive white paper?

Tentoo aims to be a "knowledge partner." We're eager to share our expertise with the labor market and provide solutions to problems encountered by entrepreneurs. Therefore we write lots of white papers on a variety of related subjects. We used to share these in PDF format, but these had a few disadvantages:

  • PDFs are not interactive or responsive
  • You can't collect analytics on what gets read and what doesn't
  • When a PDF is downloaded, it's freely redistributable

Interactive white papers solve all these limitations. They’re attractive and responsive. Reader behavior is measurable in granular detail so we know what to improve in future versions.


How do you use your interactive white papers?

With white papers as digital experiences, we want to gain insight into our readers' behavior. Which sections of our white paper are successful and which ones aren't? Where do users drop off? Basically, we wanted to determine whether interactive digital white papers succeed more than PDF versions.


When do you consider a white paper a "success"?

Eventually, we plan to define a concrete customer conversion goal, but it's still too early. Currently, our goal is to have a minimum of 150 downloads within four months.

Tentoo handbook


The solution

Why Foleon?

That was an easy choice. We were looking for a solution by which we could present our white papers in a visually attractive way, and also measure the results. Foleon is perfect for this. The usability of the platform is very intuitive. You can quickly create digital content experiences that fit your house style without much prior design expertise.


How was the transition from static PDFs to interactive experiences?

Foleon helped us a lot. They used content from our preexisting PDF white papers to make our first beautiful digital ones. Since then, we've started making all our white papers in-house. The learning session Foleon provided helped us discover and understand all the features and possibilities.


How do you handle distribution?

We've used our website, our newsletter, and our digital customer portal. Our partner,, has also helped distribute our white papers via their website and newsletters. After our first promotion in their newsletter, we saw a huge spike in the number of new leads: an astounding 87 unique requests in just 4 days!


How have people reacted?

We’re still investigating reader responses, but internally everybody is really excited. Our communications team now continuously receives requests from other departments for new interactive experiences. They want to use Foleon not just for white papers, but for vacancies, presentations, internal communications, event invitations, and reviews, just to name a few! This shows how versatile Foleon truly is as a solution.

Tentoo Handbook


The results

What have been the results?

In five weeks' time (during summer vacation), our white paper was requested 140 times. That's nearly as often as our PDF was requested in the five months prior! This is partly thanks to the promotion efforts of our partner, but using mid-gating undoubtedly contributed.

We can now see that the white paper is actually read quite thoroughly — something we could never measure with a PDF. Two-thirds read all the way to the last page, and people spend quite some time on each page. You could definitely say this has proven to be a huge success.


Has the goal been achieved?

Yes, without a doubt!


What are your plans for the future?

We now plan to replace all our PDF white papers with digital interactive versions and use mid-gating. We’re also going to start using Foleon for other things like brochures, reports, customer magazines, event magazines, job vacancies, and our internal personnel magazine.


What tips do you have for other Foleon users?

Be consistent in your story with both text and images. Both elements should reinforce and support each other. Also, make sure to test your digital experiences on mobile devices like phones and tablets. Give plenty of thought to distribution. It would be a pity to create a beautiful white paper that never gets seen.

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