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Quickly create jaw-dropping internal and external communications assets your audience won’t easily forget. Foleon produces immersive, media-rich sales and marketing collateral that readers can interact with on any device.

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With Foleon, creating interactive content is a breeze

Take ownership of your branded content. Design beautiful, interactive web publications in an afternoon without any technical know-how.

Drag and drop = speed and ease
Our intuitive Drag & Drop editor provides all you need to quickly achieve stunning results.
Mobile-friendly by default
Foleons look good on any screen, and you can easily fine-tune your layout for different screen sizes.
Professionally designed templates
Use our collection of beautiful block, page, and publication templates to get started.
Total creative freedom
From custom fonts to margins and paddings, you're in complete control over all creative elements.

We're able to quickly and efficiently create gorgeous and fully immersive digital publications, touch screen interfaces, integrated white papers and data capture assets for our clients with a fraction of the time and energy we used to expend.

Fabio Orlando Chief creative officer / Tag Agency

All the features you need for highly effective content

Our extensive collection of features and settings empowers you to produce remarkable, interactive content without getting in your way.

Videos and animations
Use fullscreen background videos for maximum impact, incorporate beautiful parallax effects, and create subtle animations to make your content come to life.
Feature-rich media library
Manage all your assets from a central location or connect your Bynder account for even greater control.
Forms and overlays
Easily embed forms for collecting data from your visitors and design overlays that pop up on command.
Save time with themes
Set default fonts, colors, and styles to match your brand identity and ensure consistency throughout your publications.
Personalize your content
Pull in data from social media or your CRM and provide each reader with a customized, personalized experience.

We turned My Volvo Magazine into a feature-rich digital version with videos and CTAs. The responsive design lets us reach a wider audience, the metrics allow us to improve with each edition.

Jolanda Spies CRM Coordinator / Volvo

Built with modern marketers in mind

Our built-in marketing features let you track user behavior, measure engagement, collect leads, and more.

Measure and optimize
Connect to Google Analytics or use our built-in reporting dashboard to start collecting rich data on how users interact with your content.
Search engines will love you
Manage page titles, meta descriptions, open graph tags and more. Alternatively, tell search engines not to index you at all.
Add remarketing pixels to your interactive publications to target visitors even after they leave your site.
Social login for lead generation
Gate your content behind social login prompts that allow you to gather accurate lead information from Facebook or LinkedIn.

Metrics are crucial to our marketing, so being able to see engagement and multiple levels of activities is very important to us.

Amy Cross Marcom Specialist / NGDATA

Give your developers a break

Take care of all the technical essentials without involving your developers or IT department.

The latest web technologies
Gain all the functionality of HTML5 and cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks without writing a single line of code.
World-class security
Assign user roles and permissions, password protect sensitive content, whitelist IPs and serve visitors with encrypted connections.
Worldwide hosting
Deliver the fastest possible experience to your visitors with our global hosting and content delivery network.
Custom domains
Tell your Foleons to live on any domain or subdomain you own.

Use Foleon for all your business goals

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