12 Books to Fall Back in Love with Marketing

By Penny Warnock

12 Books to Fall Back in Love with Marketing

After the hustle of January fades, February offers a quieter, more introspective period. This month, nestled between the New Year's enthusiasm and the onset of spring, provides a unique opportunity to pause and reassess. Sometimes, amidst the daily grind, we can feel overwhelmed or simply search for inspiration.

February's calm encourages us to step back, breathe, and find new sources of inspiration and motivation. It's a time to ask ourselves if we're still aligned with our passions and objectives or merely going through the motions.

Whether you're a creative soul or a numbers person, we’ve got a selection of books that will help you rediscover your passion for marketing. Let’s dive in.


First, fall back in love with yourself

In marketing, as in all aspects of life, our inner state reflects in our external creations. By nurturing self-love and understanding, we unlock our fullest potential, opening the doors to creativity, perseverance, and a renewed zest for our craft. Here are our top picks for reads that will help you return to feeling like you.


You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero


In this refreshingly entertaining how-to guide, #1 New York Times bestselling author and world-traveling success coach Jen Sincero serves up 27 bite-sized chapters full of hilariously inspiring stories, sage advice, easy exercises, and the occasional swear word. 

Far from the usual self-help books, this is a refreshing take on self-empowerment and self-love. Sincero delivers witty, inspiring advice to help you overcome your fears and insecurities, urging us to change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop us from getting what we want. 


The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown



In an era where consumers crave genuine connections with brands, The Gifts of Imperfection is an excellent asset, encouraging us to embrace our true selves. In this New York Times best-seller, research professor and expert on shame, bravery, vulnerability, and worthiness, Dr. Brené Brown presents ten guidelines for living a wholehearted life.

This book encourages you to bring your authentic self to your work and create more meaningful, genuine connections with your audience. Filled with essential insights into leadership and team dynamics, this read emphasizes the value of empathy and a growth mindset. This book is crucial for building cohesive teams and fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement, something every marketing team needs.


Reignite your passion

Next up, delve into the advice from industry experts. From innovative strategies that break the mold to timeless principles that have driven success for decades, the following books are to help inspire and empower you to approach your work with renewed passion and purpose.


Everybody Writes by Ann Handley



"Everybody Writes" is an essential guide for anyone looking to enhance their online presence through better writing. Recognizing that effective communication is crucial in today's content-driven world, Handley offers actionable advice for creating compelling content that resonates with audiences. 

Handley covers the essentials needed to improve your writing skills. Whether managing a blog, social media, or any online platform, "Everybody Writes" provides the tools and insights to elevate your content and connect more deeply with your customers, making it the definitive guide for producing impactful online content in the digital age.


Prove It by Melanie Deziel



"Prove It" is a strategic guide for businesses aiming to distinguish their brand in the competitive marketplace. The book challenges brands to move beyond mere claims of greatness, emphasizing the necessity of providing concrete proof to win over consumers.

The book teaches strategies such as corroboration, demonstration, and education within a marketing framework to convincingly present your brand's advantages, community engagement, industry expertise, and value commitment. 


Atomic Habits by James Clear



"Atomic Habits" offers valuable insights into making small changes that significantly improve your personal and professional life. For marketers, developing positive habits can help reignite your passion for your work and help you fall back in love with what you do. 

This book offers practical strategies for building positive habits that foster creativity and efficiency. Adopting the habit-building strategies outlined allows you to continuously refine your skills, adapt to changing trends, and find new ways to engage with your audience.


Spark your imagination

From unlocking your creative potential to redefining what makes content compelling, these reads are essential for any marketer seeking to elevate their work and leave a lasting impact in the digital world. 


The Content Fuel Framework by Melanie Deziel



With her expert insights, Deziel introduces a straightforward framework that transforms how you think about content creation. Say goodbye to writer's block and the endless query of "what should I post?" "The Content Fuel Framework" poses this challenge and equips you with the tools to meet it head-on, inviting you to explore storytelling in novel ways.

This guide is designed to be both adaptable and timeless, offering a resource you'll return to time and again for inspiration and guidance in your content creation journey.


The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron



A classic among creatives, this book provides a 12-week program to help you recover your creativity from various blocks, including limiting beliefs, fear, and past hurts. It's perfect for marketers looking to inject a fresh, creative approach into their campaigns. 

Cameron introduces tools like Morning Pages and Artist Dates, designed to facilitate a deeper connection with one's creative self and encourage a customary practice of creativity. These exercises help overcome blocks and generate fresh ideas and perspectives that you can apply to your marketing campaigns. Following this structured program can unlock new levels of creativity and innovation, breathing life into your work.


Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon



Austin Kleon's "Steal Like an Artist" challenges the notion of originality in the creative process, presenting a liberating perspective for those overwhelmed by the pressure to come up with unique and groundbreaking ideas. 

Kleon provides a framework for us to draw inspiration from various sources and transform them into something new and relevant for our brands. The author challenges the conventional ideas about originality, arguing that all creative work builds on what came before. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to innovate by combining and transforming ideas in new ways.


Purple Cow by Seth Godin



Seth Godin's "Purple Cow" emphasizes the necessity of differentiation in a cluttered market. Godin urges readers to create products and experiences that are so distinctive they stand out like a purple cow in a field of monochrome Holsteins. 

He challenges us to think beyond conventional strategies and to create experiences that can lead to viral growth and passionate advocacy among our audience. This mindset shifts away from 'safe' and towards 'remarkable' can reinvigorate teams and lead to creating campaigns that capture and retain attention.


Learn from the masters: Biographies that inspire

Another way to fall back in love with marketing is to learn from those whose innovations have transformed the marketing and business landscape. Let these books motivate you and provide practical lessons that you can apply to navigate your paths to success. 


Shoe Dog by Phil Knight


Phil Knight's recounting of Nike's early days is not just a story of business success; it's a roadmap of resilience, branding, and storytelling. "Shoe Dog" showcases the power of a compelling brand narrative connecting consumers emotionally and inspiring loyalty. 

This memoir highlights the importance of persistence in the face of obstacles, a valuable lesson for anyone facing the challenges of a rapidly changing industry. Knight's candid recount of building Nike from the ground up is inspiring and instructive. 


Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard


Founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, delves into the philosophy of environmental ethics and responsibility underpinning his business approach. 

Chouinard's philosophy of responsible business practices and his commitment to sustainability have been integral to Patagonia's brand identity, resonating deeply with consumers. This book encourages readers to consider their work's broader impact and explore how ethical and sustainable practices can be leveraged as unique selling propositions.


Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull


Co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios, Ed Catmull, shares his insights on fostering creativity within a business context. "Creativity, Inc." delves into the leadership, teamwork, and organizational practices that enable creativity to flourish. 

Understanding the principles outlined in this book is crucial for developing an environment where bold ideas are encouraged, and failure is seen as a learning opportunity. Catmull's emphasis on transparency, open communication, and the empowerment of team members can transform marketing departments into hubs of creativity and innovation.


Final thoughts

From one marketer to another, I understand the highs and lows of this dynamic field. The thrill of a successful campaign, the grind of meeting KPIs, and yes, the occasional creative droughts where everything feels a bit too familiar, a bit too routine. During these times, when the passion that once drove us seems to flicker and fade, we need a helping hand to guide us back to our why.

The path can sometimes feel lonely, the challenges insurmountable. But remember, within these challenges lies the opportunity to grow, innovate, and, dare we say, fall back in love with marketing all over again. After all, the beauty of marketing lies in its capacity to change and evolve—and so do we.

Penny Warnock

Penny Warnock is the Content Marketer extraordinaire here at Foleon. With a background in SaaS, product marketing, journalism, and brand building, Penny is passionate about storytelling and generating engaging content across various digital channels.

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