Meet the people behind Foleon

Spread across New York, London, and Amsterdam, here's the entire Foleon crew, in no particular order.

Kimberly Corrente

Customer Support Hero

Kimberly answers customer's questions, handles feature requests, and creates new content for our help center. She also really believes in aliens.

Conor House

Account Executive

When he's not surfing, Conor advises all kinds of organizations on how to improve their content strategies and better reach their target audiences.

Andrew Tobin

Business Development Rep

Andrew's two big passions are Mercedes AMGs and Foleon's Content Experience Platform. If you ever run into him at the gym, you're likely to get an education on both!

Gerben Dijkstra

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Gerben specializes in locating highly talented people. If you're good at what you do, there's a good chance he's watching you right now.

Jean-Pierre Rostane

Head of Development

JP knows all the ins and outs of our product. He heads up the dev team making sure our roadmap is followed religiously.

Kirsten Katuin

HR Officer

Kirsten is a specialist in both human resources policy and CrossFit. It’s the perfect skillset for keeping our office healthy and stress-free.

Daan Reijnders

Co-founder / CEO

The CEO and co-founder of Foleon. Always thinking five steps ahead, Daan sees upcoming business trends with prophetic accuracy.

Dina Apiarius

Sr. Business Development Representative

Dina is a real people-person and spends lots of time on the phone. She says it's her job, but it looks like she's having a lot of fun.

Willem Raadgers

Customer Success Manager

Willem is available day or night to answer your questions, help you get set up, and make sure you're getting the most out of the platform. Well, mostly just day.

Magdalena Massa

Sales Administrator

From invoicing to payment processing, Magdalena follows up with clients making sure the cash keeps flowing and the lights stay on.

Jonna Braam

Head of Support

Jonna is there for you all day. She has the answer to every possible support question you might have.

Vincent van der Laan

Sr. Digital Designer

Vincent channels vast amounts of energy and enthusiasm into developing remarkable online content, burning through lots of coffee in the process.

Roos Tros

Sr. Business Development Representative

Roos helps all kinds of companies improve their digital content strategy. Before working at Foleon, she had a career as an international super spy.

Patrick Gallagher

Business Development Representative

Patrick's expertise lies in luring the best prospects into a demo. He has a solution for every problem and always accepts challenges with a positive attitude and a cheery smile.

Dennis Looijenga

Head of Customer Marketing

Dennis is the voice of our customer when it comes to the development of our product. He works on our market positioning, product messaging and crystalizes the value of our tool.

Ritesh Sheombar

Head of Demand Generation

Ritesh takes care of our online advertising with sage-like wisdom. He executes, monitors, and continually optimizes, ensuring the price is always right.

Tom de Jonge

Lead Product Design (UX)

Tom uses his masterful design skills to turn our myriad of complex configurations into an intuitive and friendly user experience.

Silien Sprenkels

Account Executive

Between going to the gym, playing video games, and setting up meetings with prospective clients, Silien seems like he's everywhere at once.

Siju Pappachan

QA Engineer

QA. Scrum. Agile. DevOps. Siju wields all the latest terms and acronyms to help keep our codebase robust and ever-improving.

Aoife Wilson

Account Executive

Dual laser tag and weightlifting champion, Aoife is used to getting her way. She is also skilled in sales and telekinesis.

James Comodeca

Head of Business Development

Guitar hero and digital advisor, James helps the US enterprise market sway their audiences with interactive content like a true entertainer.

Bryan Meulmeester

Performance Officer

As part of our backend team, Bryan provides new features, fixes bugs, and continually improves our application. He also loves photography.

Sven Roeterdink

Front-End Architect

Kitesurfer in the weekends, developer on the weekdays. Skillfully masters both the waves and our code.

Sam Brown

VP of Sales & Customer Success EMEA

A real people person committed to making our customers successful, Sam is Foleon's customer success powerhouse. His ability to read between the lines is invaluable, too.

Martin Palmieri

Frontend Developer

Martin is a professional bug exterminator and new feature creator. On Fridays, he transforms into a beer sommelier with exquisite guitar skills.

Anoma van Eeden

SVP Global Marketing

Anoma is our marketing doyenne, devoted to realizing Foleon's global growth ambitions. Her energy and wit alone could fuel Foleon's global expansion.

Kosta Lilov

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Early morning Crossfit sessions ensure our Kostamer success manager, Kosta, is ready for whatever challenges our customers may face.

Katerina Sluchak

QA Engineer

Katerina is using Foleon more than any other human and aspires to break everything our developers create. Other than that she is very friendly and a great listener.

Adam Belton

JavaScript Developer

Adam is a functional reactive programming samurai (FRPS). He uses his formidable skills to make getting started with our software even easier.

Carl Miser

Head of Business Development

Professional salesman, Xboxer, and barfly, Carl is always up for a good laugh. He heads up our SDR team and keeps everyone in high spirits.

Caylin Yarbrough

US Creative Project Manager

Caylin works closely with our clients and designers to plan, strategize, and execute creative projects for the US market. When she's not juggling countless projects and staying on top of timelines, you can find her hanging with her dog in the park!

Douglas van Oijen

VP Sales US

Douglas guides our global expansion and continuously reminds us how to translate product features into real customer value.

Roëll Bakker

Head of Sales EMEA

Roëll manages our partner program and helps our certified agency partners secure recurring revenue streams with our platform.

Chiel de Leeuw

Product Data Analyst

Chiel is responsible for analyzing and improving our online marketing campaigns. He also has a love-hate relationship with data.

Karolina Svensson

Account Executive

With her winning sense of humor, Karolina tends to befriend everyone she speaks to. She loves the outdoors but has a serious love/hate relationship with mountains.

Yvonne Brugman


As ‘Kickstarter’ Yvonne helps our clients with building digital publications. From concept to creation!

Esther Ley

Product Marketing Manager

Our favorite Aussie, Esther helps us all make sense of our intricate software platform, turning boring technical specificationss into marvelous must-have features.

Lisette Klaver

CRO Specialist

Lisette uses data and behavioral psychology to get our website visitors to do what we want them to do. Right now, she wants you to read this description.

Caitlin Byrne

Account Executive

If you're from the UK, Ireland, or the Nordic countries and you're interested in Foleon, Caitlin is the one who'll show you the ropes.

Claire Schouten

Technical Support Engineer

Claire always goes the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied. After solving your support issue, she might just provide free marital advice too.

Garey Dane

UI/UX Designer

Garey is obsessed with turning ideas into interactive designs. If this were a sci-fi, he would harness the power of telekinesis.

Bart Brinkman

King of Code

Bart sets the direction for the development of our back-end. If he can't do something, you can reasonably assume it's not possible.

Iliad Suha

Business Controller

Whether you prefer cash, credit card, or check, Iliad is always happy to take your money! He makes sure transactions go smoothly.

Marielle Slingerland

Customer Success Manager

Marielle will always go that extra mile to make sure you're getting the most out of your Foleon content. And feel free to ask her for advice on skincare and cosmetics too.

Cesurhan Uygun

Front-End Developer

Hammering away at his keyboard, Ces works tirelessly to provide our customers with the features and user experience they want.

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Maaike Schoe

Penny Processor

Maaike is our Penny Processor and responsible for administration. The entire process, from every entry to the financial reporting.

Daniel Schafrat

VP Product & Solutions

Daniel keeps our business on a sustainable growth trajectory by ensuring our products align perfectly with our customers' needs. Or something like that.

Tom Schoorstra

Revenue Operations Specialist

Tom may watch too much Netflix in his free time, but he's certainly no average Joe. Using advanced research techniques, he uncovers new ways for our customers to succeed.

Bas Gosman

Digital Designer

The man with the mustache. Author of Ceci n'est Pas une moustache. Bas is a pro designer who loves board games and has a weird obsession with Helvetica.

Fabian de Bakker

Creative Mastermind

Fabian's main focus is enhancing the user experience of our tool by creating the best designs possible. Artist, designer, creative mind: Fabian is all of it and more.

Daniel Knoppers

Product Manager

Daniel is responsible for our product roadmap. He ensures our customers are heard and translates their demands into valuable features.

Joost Galama

Co-founder / CTO

Joost is the technical mastermind behind Foleon. Send him a properly formatted JSON API query if you want to get in touch.

Femke Bos

Office Manager

Sensors indicate that Femke has created her own temporal rift to reclaim time and remain one step ahead of our co-founders, Daan and Joost.

Barry Tielkes

JavaScript Guru

If you come across a great feature, there's a good chance Barry was involved. He awesomifies everything he gets his hands on.

Sean Filidis

Senior Copywriter

Copywriter, content manager, and human thesaurus, Sean oversees our messaging and enforces strict company-wide comma quotas. 

Sabrina Beer

Sales Administrator

Sabrina works hard to understand our clients' needs and provide them with the best possible solutions. And if they're ever not satisfied, she takes them out to lunch.

Nicole Kenter

Digital Strategy Adviser

Nicole sets up meetings and gives great demos of our platform. And as our in-house photographer, she documents all our office antics.

Lilian Timmers

Digital Designer

Lilian is a bit of a show-off. Constantly pushing the limits of our tool, she produces one brilliant client publication after another.

Olga Lokoshchenko

Jr. Frontend Developer

Coding used to be a just another hobby for Olga. Now it’s her profession — and she’s good. Let’s see what she does with her new hobby, popular science!

Ilse Kruitwagen

Project Manager

Ilse deftly juggles dozens of projects, manages the design team’s schedule, and keeps our clients gratified. And she’s always smiling.

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