Instant Magazine
is now Foleon

The same great platform,
with a new name and a bigger vision!

Why we changed our name

When we first started Instant Magazine, most of our clients used us to produce online magazines.

Today, customers use our platform to create all kinds of things, from annual reports to white papers, from corporate brochures to microsites — entire portfolios of content.

Our new identity better expresses who and what we are:

An all-in-one creative suite for quickly producing web-based content that's visually immersive, measurable, and proven to keep readers engaged.

We believe the web is for more than just websites

Foleon empowers you to replace all your PDF and printed assets with media-rich, responsive web-publications.

Instant Magazine Foleon What Does It Mean

What does Foleon mean?

Foleon is taken from “folio,” the Latin root from which we also get “portfolio.” This is a great work or collection of works one presents to the world.

It’s something to show off, to be proud of. Whether you use Foleon to present your products, your research, or just great content, we help you show it off in the best way possible.

What does the new name mean for you?

The URLs of our website and editor will be different. The aesthetics of the editor will change. But when it comes to our platform, we’ll continue improving and expanding its capabilities and maintaining our world-class service.

Instant Magazine Foleon What Does It Mean
Instant Magazine Foleon Colossal Ambitions

Powerful new features to match our colossal ambitions

Together with our new name, we're also launching a powerful new dashboard (currently in Beta). It includes lots of handy features and lets you create publications even faster using our new suite of publication templates.

With our upcoming new template builder, user management features, CRM integrations, and other exciting features, we’re positioning Foleon as the new global standard for creating and presenting digital content. Check out our product roadmap to see what's coming up in the next months!

We believe our platform will be the next global standard for creating and presenting digital content.

Daan Reijnders CEO / Co-founder

It's okay to show off

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