JLL cuts production time after switching to digital publications

As a leading professional service firm in the real estate and investment management, JLL produces in-depth market reports and insights for their clients and brokerage teams. To improve their audience’s reading experience, their marketing team decided to replace some of their PDF content with Foleon publications.


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We interviewed Karo Aghavelyan, Southwest Region Creative Director at JLL, to hear how he has sped up JLL’s content creation process, improved their content output, and enhanced the reading experience for both internal and external audiences. 

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“There are different avenues within Foleon you can take to achieve the vision you have in mind. The platform really allows you to be creative and build something that’s different.”


Tell us about JLL and your role

JLL is a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management. Our vision is to reimagine the world of real estate while creating rewarding opportunities and amazing spaces where people can achieve their ambitions. In doing so, we will build a better tomorrow for our clients, our people and our communities. JLL is a Fortune 500 company with annual revenue of $16.3 billion, operations in over 80 countries, and a global workforce of nearly 92,000 as of June 30, 2019. We have different business lines and clients in various industries such as banking, energy, healthcare, legal services, life sciences, manufacturing, technology, and more.

As a creative director for the southwest region, I lead the creative strategy and oversee all multimedia content and marketing technologies for the region. Whether it’s the way we create presentations, market buildings, or present research content, I make sure that we are constantly on the lookout for new solutions and innovative technologies that drive our ideas forward.


The challenge

What challenges were you facing prior to signing up for Foleon? 

One of the biggest challenges we were facing was finding one solution that would allow us to create something that supports various media formats (e.g. videos and animated graphs) and provides users with a great experience on mobile and tablet devices. Ideally, the tool would be intuitive enough that our marketing team can create and update all the assets without additional support from the tech team. 

In addition to those design features, the platform should also have analytics tools that our marketing team can leverage to optimize our lead generation efforts.


How was this affecting your business?

We create a lot of presentations that require us to interact with other rich media. Other tools we were using did not provide the flexibility we needed to support those media formats, and the inability to update published assets significantly made our content creation process very inefficient and time-consuming. 




What potential solutions did you investigate, and what drove you to choose Foleon?

We set our sights on Foleon because of its versatility and convenience after trying a combination of tools that didn’t work well together. Your tool allowed us the flexibility to create something that is unique and stands out, and the ability to update the publications even after they’ve been published has been a time saver. The support for different media formats such as videos, 360 degree VR tools, animated graphs, custom fonts, and SVG files made our content very customizable.

The built-in analytics tool played a big part in driving us to choose Foleon. We were looking for a design tool that comes with its own analytics capabilities, and Foleon was able to provide us with that.


The solution

Why did you decide a digital publication was the answer?

We saw the value of digital publications because the interactive capabilities that we can incorporate really elevates the user experience. As we mentioned before, we really wanted the rich media support in one place, and Foleon takes it to the next level for us.


What hesitations did you have, if any?

I had to make sure Foleon provided everything that other platforms didn’t — support for custom fonts, SVG files, the external media embedding capabilities, analytics, and the ability to update content on the go. 

We create a lot of presentations with PowerPoint but adding links to our presentations meant we had to exit the presentation to view the external media. Because Foleon lets us embed everything we needed in one presentation format, the leadership team was immediately on board after I pitched Foleon to them.


How did Foleon help you with the production of your new publication?

The customer service was very personalized. The training with your designer was also great. I got good feedback from her. I really appreciate having the ability to directly contact the support team for solutions, especially knowing you sometimes handle things after hours. I think that a personal touch is important. Knowing you guys are progressing and constantly adding new features shows you are ambitious and want to provide something that others don’t.


The results

How has your digital publication contributed to the goal you started with?

As far as publishing our content goes, I wanted to make sure we were getting something engaging in front of people’s eyes. My goal was to provide a great user experience but, most importantly, help us save time internally and streamline the content creation process while preserving the quality of our content.

The tool was so easy to adopt that we were able to replicate the brochures we created with Foleon for other teams right away, which saved us a lot of production time.


iPhone X JLL


How have your customers/stakeholders reacted?

I can tell you for sure that our brokerage teams, the South Bay Tenant Representation team, and the Southern California Healthcare team were beyond impressed with the team publications I created. I’ve also gotten great feedback on a marketing presentation that I created with an embedded 360-degree VR tool just for my marketing peers across the country. People were saying, “Hey, what is this platform you guys are using? We’re impressed.”

I consider being able to leverage everything that Foleon provides to create something different that stands out and bring our vision to life a success because we got some really great feedback.


What are your plans for the future?

Translating our PDF research reports into Foleons publications is our next priority. We really look forward to adding animated data to those publications, which will allow users to interact with the data and make it more engaging.

A digital recruiting package is also in the works. This will include the services we provide, the best in class examples to work with across each region, and the technologies that we use. We think Foleon is a great fit for our first digital recruiting package, which we will create alongside a print version.


What tips would you share with new Foleon users?

Take a deep dive into exploring the editor. I personally think the embed feature is great because it allows you to create seamless presentations, so you don’t have to exit out when interacting with external media. There are different avenues within Foleon you can take to achieve the vision you have in mind, so embrace those functionalities. The platform really allows you to be creative and build something that’s different.

Also, work closely with the Foleon team to navigate through solutions that you aren’t necessarily able to find right away. Their feedback is valuable and can help you improve what you’re creating tremendously.


Company: JLL
Publication: Retail Market Insights

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