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How Van Beynum achieved 400% more engagement with Foleon

The Van Beynum car group has been in business for nearly a century, yet continues to innovate when it comes to marketing & communications. They were able to achieve 400% more engagement after switching to Foleon.


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As a creative marketer, you are always eager to find new ways to get your content to your target group. The channels you currently use may not be ideally suited to the content you wish to provide – content that you know must have a willing audience. Steven van den Dool, marketing manager at Van Beynum car group, encountered this very scenario and went in search of a new channel for his content.

more engagement with Foleon
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Mood and feel are key aspects of the car purchase process, so Steven opted for a content marketing strategy that ensures an improved brand experience among his company’s prospects and customers.

Perception plays a very important role alongside campaign-based communication. Quick-hitting campaigns are not suited to conveying mood and feeling when it comes to car sales.

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The challenge

The Van Beynum car group has been in business for nearly a century, yet continues to innovate when it comes to marketing & communications. They wanted to find a new way to increase brand awareness with the goal of enhancing their top-of-mind status among car owners and prospects in the market for a new car. They have plenty of unique content, but they lacked a suitable platform for distribution.

The website is highly utilitarian, and primarily aimed at customers who are at the end of their customer journey. Their newsletter remains a fleeting moment of contact: readers tend not to return after clicking-out. They decided they needed to adopt a completely new platform to increase brand awareness and become part of the customer journey.

The big question: where to find a convenient, scalable tool for publishing convincing, high-quality and visually appealing content? Converted PDFs are so 2016.


The solution

The marketing team at Van Beynum quickly embraced the awesome potential of Foleon. They had a brief introduction and then tried out a few things for themselves. That’s all it took to convince them that Foleon was the ideal platform for their new strategy.

They found the software a bit tricky to start with, so they decided to take a Kickstarter course. They learned all the ins and outs of the system and got tips on the ideal magazine layout and distribution strategies. At the conclusion of the course, they were even more convinced of the software’s power. And the people ideally suited to turning the new content strategy into a success story were right there in the room.

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The results

Whereas the average website visit is a scant 52 seconds, the magazine managed to hold the reader’s attention for between 3.5 and 4 minutes. The conclusion is that the magazine’s content appealed to readers and prompted them to read on. Following distribution on Facebook and in a newsletter, the magazine attracted 737 unique visitors who read a whopping 3,000 pages, averaging out to four pages per visitor.


Next steps and tips for next time

The results clearly demonstrate the usefulness of a magazine that inspires: it’s a great way to move from simple brand awareness to top-of-mind status. The magazine’s readers are enthusiastic. This new content strategy means that Van Beynum can now relate more relevant content to customers and prospects.

"We love these online publications. The first was a big success, and we’ve got three new issues slated for the year to come, so that’s one for every season. Analyzing our results will make it easier to identify what our readers want. We are going to look at frequently viewed pages, issue rhythm (issue frequency to maintain interest), number of pages per issue, and content. Foleon recommended sharing specific pages on social media. They also suggested re-sending the magazine to those who didn’t open it the first time." — Steven van den Dool


Company: Van Beynum

Publication: Spotlight Online

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