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A decade of digital upheaval has transformed the way B2B sales and marketing organizations create content. Find out what you need to do to stay relevant.

Static content only goes so far

Just as they are in the consumer space, B2B buyers are demanding content in multimedia formats that hold their attention, meet their needs, and delight them. B2B marketers should consider moving away from static content and invest in modern, media-rich experiences on-par with the best content from the wider media landscape.

In particular, video and interactive content are becoming increasingly important in B2B marketing.

According to Google, 70% of business buyers watch a video during the buying process, and Foleon has found that customers who replace static reports with interactive B2B content see engagement rates triple and leads surge by 20%.

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Time to rethink the B2B buyer journey

A new breed of B2B buyer is rewriting the rules for sales and marketing teams everywhere. Are you prepared?

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  • How to add value when your buyers avoid salespeople
  • How to identify content that engages and converts B2B prospects

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