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Tired of writing staff newsletters that get ignored? Turn your internal communications around with immersive content your employees will look forward to. Convey vision, create buy-in, and get your entire workforce excited about your company's objectives.

Engagement is key to productivity

Today's workers want to know about company plans and goals. But they're also not likely to read text-heavy emails or PDFs. Foleons are a media-rich solution designed to be snackable, interactive, and easy to digest on any device.

Responsive Content

Reach your audience anywhere

Unlike PDFs, which require zooming and panning on smaller screens, Foleons are perfectly responsive and look gorgeous on any device / browser combination. Engage readers with equal deftness behind their desk, in the train, or anywhere else they choose to go.

The staff magazines were read by an astounding 90% of employees within 3 days! The average person spent 10 minutes engaging with the content.

Arthur Snaauw CEO / TextArt Agency

Worry less with secure access control

Foleons are great for internal communications, even when it comes to sensitive information. Forget worrying about sensitive emails getting forwarded outside your organization. Secure content with usernames & passwords, or even whitelisted IPs.

Reporting Dashboard

Track, measure, and optimize

Unlike emails or PDFs, Foleons can be measured and analyzed in detail. See who accesses your content and precisely how they engage with it. Then use this data to make future editions more effective and engaging.


What Can You Make With Foleon?

Foleon is the most versatile and sophisticated content experience platform on the market. The only limitation is your own imagination. Create anything from staff magazines and newsletters to employee handbooks and internal reports.

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