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Customer Engagement

Tired of publishing content that only gets skimmed? Boost engagement metrics like time on page, scroll depth, and pageviews by serving your audience the content they'll devour.

Product catalogs, customer magazines, event publications, and more… Foleon makes it visual, snackable, personalized, and interactive.

Make your message stick

The web is a crowded place and attention spans are getting shorter. With rich animations, stunning imagery, and fullscreen background videos, Foleon allows you to create visual content experiences designed for maximum impact.

Activate your readers

Get your readers to take the next step in your customer journey. With CTAs, embedded forms, and content elements that respond to user actions, you'll guide visitors along the path you've prepared for them.

Foleon unlocks a wealth of new insights. We can see what grabs readers' attention and then use that data to strengthen our content.

Rachel Sullivan Head of Marketing / Metis Communications

Make your content resonate

Personalize your content based on your visitors' social profiles and show only what's most relevant to them based on their industry or job title. Personalization has been shown to increase engagement by up to 40%.

Content Personalization

Reach your audience anywhere

Unlike PDFs, which require zooming and panning on smaller screens, Foleons are perfectly responsive and look gorgeous on any device / browser combination. Engage readers with equal deftness behind their desk, in the train, or anywhere else they choose to go.


What Can You Make With Foleon?

Foleon is the most versatile and sophisticated content experience platform on the market. The only limitation is your own imagination. Create anything from highly targeted marketing assets to mass-market periodicals.

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