Dennis Looijenga

Why Content Deserves a Fresh Look

by Dennis Looijenga

In today’s world we are inundated with information and content, making it impossible to see the wood for the trees. This abundance of information has made us better equipped to filter information. We no longer pay attention to everything we see. A whopping 50 to 80 percent of content barely gets read or is not read at all. In order to still reach the target audience, more and more businesses are focusing on content marketing. Why is good content essential? Five reasons why content deserves a fresh look:


1. To stand out

Your content may be very well written, but this does not automatically mean that it will be thoroughly read. You have to make sure you stand out from the crowd. A nice layout will make your content stand out more and will increase its value for readers. The image-text ratio has to be good. It should not contain blocks of text that are really long and text must be presented in a chronological or narrative form where lots of images are used to support text. Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Content that is worth reading and sharing is not always about the product or service that you offer, but more about the story behind it or the experience you have while reading. People are always looking for enriching stimuli.

Try to strike a balance between presenting yourself in the best possible way and offering useful and valuable content to your reader. An excellent example of this is, which has published a guide containing photography tips in cooperation with Without pushing the brand too much on the reader, the guide gives tips and information on the functionalities of different cameras. This guide is an example of creating an experience surrounding a brand.

2. To empower your brand

Good content inspires trust, convinces, is accessible, well organized and gives you the authority to make your own decisions. You can add emotion to a brand by using video, music or interactive content. This helps to better ‘store’ your message in the consumer’s mind, and your brand will be recognized faster. Our emotions are responsible for most of our decisions. See for example how Volvo promotes its winter tires in a beautiful winter landscape with music in the background. This has a much greater impact than when you present a boring list of all the available winter tires.

Organize Content

3. To retain customers

Nicely presented content can help in retaining customers. Whether it’s an infographic, whitepaper or an online magazine - the most important aspect of content marketing is offering added value. Interesting content stays interesting for a long time and will always ensure a lot of traffic when people click on it, read further and then share it – this is online word-of-mouth advertising. Whenever you help a customer with valuable and useful content (or a solution), you will see that this not only ensures that the customer will keep coming back, but that it also creates an online buzz. Doing this regularly ensures you retain your readers.

4. To reach a bigger audience

Good content is shared more and more often via social media. This helps increase your reach and your reputation will grow. Content can be sustainable: some blogs have been around for years but are still relevant. You can also reuse content; try to draw attention to your online publication several times. After one week has passed, send a reminder to those recipients who have not yet opened or read your publication or put a direct reference to one of the topics in your publication in another mailing.

5. To generate more leads

When your content is powerful and persuasive, your chances increase that the customer will give you his or her contact information – either to receive more information or because they are interested in your product. If you have written an interesting whitepaper for example, your readers will be prepared to give you personal information in exchange for your content.

Group all your content on one platform

It is now easier and cheaper than ever before for companies to publish and distribute relevant content. We use so many forms of communication these days, much more than ever before, and there are really no limits to the reach of an online publication. Creating good content does not have to be costly, but it does require creativity. It also does not have to be difficult, because all the information is usually already available within the company.

The content that companies share can be just as versatile as their publications. But is this content relevant for everyone? The era of mass media has come and gone. This is the age of relevant, personal and continuous content, and readers subscribing to your content.

Foleon allows you to easily reuse and personalize your content, and this will benefit your readers. Group all your content on one platform to ensure consistency and a coherent and clear overview.

If you would like to have more information on publishing your own valuable content or if you would like to see examples of good applications, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Dennis Looijenga
Dennis is a product marketer at Foleon. He works on our market positioning, product messaging and crystalizes the value of our platform.

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