Dennis Looijenga

Product Update: Generate Better Leads with Foleon

by Dennis Looijenga

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Lead Generation feature for the Drag & Drop editor. Gate your sales-oriented collateral, such as eBooks and white papers, without the need for a separate landing page, and start generating more high-quality leads.

Lead generation is a top priority across industries. In many companies, you’ll find salespeople and marketers putting their noses to the grindstone in search of the best content and channels to connect with potential customers.

Our mission at Foleon has always been to make that search easy and effective. From putting the power of a designer or developer in your hands to delivering the best content analytics, your content marketing is our number one priority.

That’s why we’re proud that your lead generation content will enable sales even further with Foleon’s Lead Generation feature. Here’s what that means for you and your content:

  • No need to make landing pages separate from your publication.
    Reduce friction for visitors and save time and money by building your gate in the same Foleon Drag & Drop editor you know and love.
  • Get more qualified leads.
    Choose between gating with a form or a Social Login to make detail sharing easier for visitors while ensuring the information they provide is accurate.
  • Use full or partial gating.
    Want to let your readers try before they buy? Put your gate anywhere you want in your lead generation content so your leads know they’re getting high-quality content — then they’ll be sure to sign up for the rest.

How does the Lead Generation feature work?

Depending on your license, you’re able to gate your content with a form or use Social Login (via Facebook or LinkedIn).

Let’s walk through the process.

1. Log in to Foleon and open a publication. Then select Publication Settings > Access Control, pick Lead Generation from the dropdown, and hit Save.

Lead gen Settings

This will prompt you with an overview of Lead Generation templates we designed to help you get started. Make your pick and hit Use template.

2. After you’ve picked a template, start editing and styling it as you like.

Lead Gen Access Form

Editing and styling for Lead Generation forms works just as it does elsewhere in Foleon.

3. Complete the Form with additional fields.

Sign up form social media

If you’re generating leads in the European Union, make sure you include opt-ins and link to your Privacy Policy to get proper consent from readers. Read more about this in our blog Foleon and GDPR compliance.

4. Your readers don’t want to fill in forms? Use a Social Login instead (Expert and above).

Social login lead gen

You can even let readers make the choice between using a form or a Social Login.

Social Login through Facebook or LinkedIn guarantees that your leads are accurate by pulling data from readers’ public profiles. Say goodbye to fake leads!

To connect with Facebook or LinkedIn, you’ll need to create apps. Read more about how that works in our Help Center:

5. When you’ve finished setting up and styling your gate, connect it to any of your pages.

Connect Lead Gen to Page Grab

Simply grab the Lead Generation gate and drag & drop it in front of the page on which you want the gate to appear. Instead of gating your entire piece of content, you can give your readers access to a limited portion and make them hungry for the rest.

6. Once you’re satisfied with your publication and the gate you’ve created, hit Publish or Preview and witness your gated content in its full glory.

Lead Generation Example

Visitors can only continue reading after filling out the form or logging in via Facebook or LinkedIn.

See it in action here: (it triggers on page 3).

7. Manage your leads

You can download all Lead Generation submissions as a CSV from your dashboard. Simply click the 3 dots of your Publication and select “Get form results”.

We’re working hard on integrations with CRM systems to make the process of managing and following up on leads even easier. Expect integrations with Zapier and CRM software in the coming months.

The benefits of building gated content offers with Foleon

Too many companies still rely on PDFs, a legacy file format created in 1993. PDFs are neither responsive nor measurable, and there’s no way to stop someone from distributing one after they’ve downloaded it. This means you could be missing out on tons of leads.

Foleon is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Here are the benefits of building gated content offers with Foleon and gating them with our Lead Generation feature:

  1. Real restricted access
    PDFs are freely redistributable after they’ve been downloaded. With Foleon, every new visitor will be presented with a form or a Social Login when content is forwarded to them, meaning you’ll never lose out on leads.

  2. Responsiveness
    Because PDFs are fixed-layout documents, they are virtually impossible to read on smaller screens. This means that over 50 percent of your visitors are likely to never read your content offer after downloading it. Foleon publications are responsive and adapt perfectly to any screen size or browser.

  3. Measurability
    Instead of only being able to see who downloaded your white paper or eBook, Foleon allows you to collect granular data on how your content offers are performing.

    Track behavioral metrics for each page and analyze precisely which pages, paragraphs, topics, and sections interest your users most (or least). Data gives you the power to optimize your content, make it more persuasive, and ultimately drive more bottom-line results. Plus, it allows you to implement lead scoring based on how leads interact with your content.

  4. Improved reading experience
    If you can’t provide visitors with a good user experience from the moment they discover you, rest assured that they won’t convert to paying customers down the road. Your gating can start customer relationships on the right foot when you remove friction with a Social Login or offer semi-gated instead of fully-gated content.


We’re excited to see the gated content offers our customers will create. We’re certain that this new feature will allow you to boost conversion rates, lead quality, and the accuracy of lead information.

If you have feedback or suggestions for the Lead Generation feature, feel free to reach out to our awesome support team on Alternatively, get a tour of our platform by contacting us on We’re all ears!

If you want to learn from how other companies have benefited from our Lead Generation feature, make sure you read the success stories of Dutch payroll company, Tentoo, and US-based strategic communications firm, Metis Communications:

As a special bonus, get access to our gated 2018 ultimate guide on how to write and format a white paper here.

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Dennis Looijenga
Dennis is the Head of Customer Marketing at Foleon. His sole mission is to create happy, successful customers.

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