Daan Reijnders

Get It Down, Then Get It Right

by Daan Reijnders

Questions always arise when using new technology. Lots of questions. You want those questions answered, preferably before you start working. I can already tell

So just jump into the deep end?

Usually the first step is the hardest. The digitization of communication is unavoidable: it’s already happening and will only continue. Everything will soon be digital. Digital communication has other rules and you have to want to understand those rules. You will only do so by rolling up your sleeves and learning as much as possible. Keep an open mind.

There are things you simply cannot know

What do my target groups want to read? How do they want to be presented this information? What’s their ideal frequency? What’s the ideal size? What else can I do to help my clients with content? How do I ensure they take action based on this content? You will find out for yourself! You will perform measurements, you will find out what people find interesting and you will ask what could be improved. Keep an open mind and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Engage your customers in dialogue

This may seem like the obvious thing to do, but sit your customer (or advertiser) down for a good chat. Involve him in the ‘going digital’ process. How would the customer prefer to get their content? Which form of advertising would best suit their needs? The customer will give you valuable information and it’s good for building a strong relationship. Your customer or advertiser will greatly appreciate having been involved.

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Daan Reijnders
Daan Reijnders is the co-founder and CEO of Foleon, a content management platform that amassed 1000+ clients all over the world in under 3 years. He's a digital marketing veteran with years of experience in managing both SaaS companies and creative agencies.

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