Content Intelligence That Uncovers the Insights That Matter

By Sim Samra

Content intelligence with Foleon to Uncover the Insights that Matter

Shares. Pageviews. Likes. The more, the better, right? Admittedly, it feels pretty good to have your content gain traction and the attention you think it deserves. (A big thank you if you shared this article!) 

But unless getting attention or raising awareness is the primary goal of your content, those metrics don't tell the full story of your content's impact. 

Unfortunately, many marketers are stuck with vanity metrics, which leaves them unable to improve, pivot, and prove their contribution to bottom-line results.

That's why content professionals need to start thinking differently about marketing metrics and move beyond the readily accessible numbers that we've come to rely on, such as traffic to a specific piece of content, click-through rate (CTR), and cost per lead (CPL). 

Insert content intelligence (or intelligent content, as it's sometimes referred to).  

If you typed “content intelligence” in your web browser, the likelihood is that you'll probably end up with more questions than answers, with the increasing number of definitions out there. 

What do we mean by content intelligence at Foleon?

To put it simply, content intelligence is content that works for you, by providing you with data and insights around content performance.

In case you need a refresher, think of all the times when you’ve not been able to give detailed reports on audience engagement with your downloadable content, or not having the data you need to optimize your content. 

Stop dwelling on vanity metrics

In our latest webinar, our Customer Content Strategist, Adrie Smith, explains the need to bring content intelligence to the forefront when it comes to the creation process and devising your content marketing strategies

To achieve this, we first need to stop dwelling on vanity metrics. You can do this by noting down your content goal(s) and critically examining whether your content achieves these goals. 

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Content intelligence is a friend, not an enemy, of content creativity

Some people on your content team might not welcome content intelligence for fear it could disrupt the creative process. However, it can actually spur creativity to help you achieve your content goals faster. 

Let's say your audience doesn't respond to lengthy reports with detailed charts. You could always try to use an infographic or data visualization instead. And these are easy to put together if you have the proper templates at your disposal. 

Learn all about how to create a templating strategy that empowers your teams to spruce up content creation in our webinar. Not sure how to begin? Check out Adrie's templating brief

How Foleon uses content intelligence

Before I deep dive into how we're utilizing intelligence in our own content, let me first explain some of the problems we were facing. You might be familiar with them!

  • We had loads of great content but not enough quality sales conversations
  • 60+% of visitors weren't moving to the second page of our content
  • We didn't have a complete picture of the engagement of our content

After recognizing the problems, we decided to focus on three core areas to improve. We turned to our product to drive our intelligence and level up our content. 

We did this by looking at Foleon Doc Insights to understand audience engagement better. We experimented with different CTAs for Paid and Organic traffic and utilized contact-level engagement for lead-scoring and sales alerts.  

Watch Brian Cohen, Director of Global Demand Generation at Foleon, explain more about this in our webinar clip below. 

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Supporting the Sales Team

Content intelligence can benefit almost everyone in your organization, including your sales team. Chances are many of your sales reps don’t receive the right information at the right time to sell to prospects successfully. 

Just imagine if a salesperson could see exactly which pages a prospect read, which topics they spent time on, and precisely how engaged they were.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could receive real-time intelligence from your content assets and call prospects minutes after they read your white paper, factsheets, ebook, and other important pieces of content?

Content intelligence in action 

We must evolve from merely tracking page views, click-throughs, and general audience data to focussing on the insights that truly matter and help you make better content marketing decisions. 

Content intelligence can offer you a holistic view of the language of your content and allow you to make better decisions about the context of your content. 

It's ultimately the formula you need to propel your content to the next level.

Watch the full webinar here

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