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Fast. Compelling. Scalable. Foleon is the #1 digital content creation platform for publishing stunning, high-impact content that drives results.

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Foleon makes even your most boring content sparkle

Foleon Docs are immersive cross-device content experiences your audience will soak up.

Give your readers what they want. Rich media. Interactivity. An experience they can navigate at their own pace.

What's a Foleon Doc?

From annual reports to white papers, Foleon Docs are easy to create and fun to consume.

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Easy to learn, fast delivery

Anyone can create Foleon Docs with our simple interface, flexible templates, and collaboration features. You’ll spend less time fiddling with settings, and get more content published.

About the platform

Content as smart as the rest of your tech

Gather all the data you need to take your next step towards success. Enhance your content with chat widgets, pixels, CRM, and MAP integrations. 

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Bring together all the right stakeholders

Foleon empowers organizations to work together more effectively. Our template manager, team workspaces, and commenting and review features accelerate the creation process while fostering quality.

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Content for everyone who needs it

It’s for sales. For marketing. For internal comms. Foleon empowers everyone in your company to create the content they need — on-brand, secure, and transparent.

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Let us show you how Foleon can help solve your unique content challenges.

Learn how we can help you to:

  • Increase audience engagement with interactive content
  • Understand performance and optimize even after distribution
  • Identify buying intent to prioritize and personalize follow-up
  • Use flexible gating, putting leadgen forms on any page
  • Create better content, faster — across teams, and 100% on brand

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Want to see your content in a Foleon Doc without lifting a finger? Here's your chance! Let us create a mobile-friendly mock-up that's packed with media-rich features — just for you.

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